Friday, 24 July 2015

Opening Impressions: Star vs. The Forces of Evil: I hope the magic you believe in isn't this magic...

Its not often I'm lost for words with content... but this... this... I can't...

Star vs. The Forces of Evil.

This is hopefully the one time I have to break my rule on the "five episodes", with the exception of Season 5 My Little Pony, which was because there weren't five episodes of it yet. The first Episode gave me all I need to cover this, some would say its harsh. But you'll see what I mean by that first sentence.
You and The Pyro would get along...

So what's the plot? Princess Star Butterfly (yes that is her actual name, and no I didn't mix my notes up again, here's the proof), who is a

and is out of control, bringing chaos to her land, the Kingdom of Mewni. Things became worse when she was given her Magic Wand. As a result, by using a pair of Scissors, she is sent to Earth where she must learn to stop being reckless... by doing pretty much what she did back in Mewni, now with the help of one Marco Diaz, who is the one you'd think would control her, but for some reason the safe kid (which is pretty much his personality from what little I've seen) knows Karate and helps Star kick ass and take names. The plot itself is an interesting idea, I personally haven't seen it done, so it is a nice change of pace.
I thought you were meant to be the anchor for her

Where I'm lost for words is the characters themselves, mainly Star herself. I said in my Friendship is Magic review that Pinkie Pie came off as childish and to cheerful at points. Star puts Pinkie Pie to shame in that regard, but what makes it worse is that Star comes off as someone who's not quite there, very delicate and should she snap, she'd be lethal. Imagine a Pinkie Pie times 10, throw in the Joker and add in the power of Cartoon renascence thanks to Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca the Third, more commonly known as the Warner Sister: Dot Warner and you have Star Butterfly in a nutshell. You could even put her into a fire resistant suit and she could pass off as The Pyro, heck I wouldn't be surprised if she saw the world in Pyrovision. I mentioned in my Madoka Magica review that I wished the characters would be more cheerful... I take that back in fear they may end up like Star. While I don't deny she's a kind hearted character, she comes off as a someone you should be afraid of should something go wrong.
"I'm going to kill you in your sleep and make it look like an accident"

It's also Animation like this that draws me away from the Adventure Time artstyle. With Steven Universe and Gravity Falls, they had a charm to them which I liked. Here, everything has a Uncanny valley feel that creeps me out. While it does lead to some great comedy (props to them for adding a Tetris reference), it still creeps me out, and I get the feeling its for something closer to the season finale, which hasn't aired yet. I've honestly got nothing to say about the music though, with the exception of the theme which I think works better without lyrics, nothing caught my interest.
And its thanks to Wreck it Ralph that children know what these are

I'll see you all for Majora's Mask, now lets hope Star isn't the cause of any terrible fates I have.

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