Tuesday, 28 July 2015

PSA: Forced site change

If you don't live in an area that connects to a European server to connect to this site, feel free to ignore the following

So I just got a notification from Google and Blogger concerning law changes. Due to the fact that I'm not connecting via a European network, I cannot check to see if the notification is showing up, altering European users that this site does indeed use cookies. Both Blaster's Projects and Blaster's Reviews use, to my knowledge, two types of tracking cookies, one for analytics, so that I can see what pages are being viewed, where and what operating system and browser are being used. The other is concerning the Ads that are displayed on the reviews site. There are potentially more that I am not aware of though.

For those who don't know what they are, Tracking cookies, normally just called cookies, a small trackers that many sites use to gather data. Some use them to gather more... inappropriate data then others. To give an easy example most will know, if you're familiar with the "100 in the "x" area want to talk to you" popups, its those tracking cookies they use to find out the suburb you live in, not magic or lucky guesses. Cookies should easily be detected by your anti virus and clearing your browser history should delete any that the Anti virus doesn't get.

This is basically going up on both sites so that, should anything happen, I can use this to inform people of what's actually being used. If there are any more cookies used on this that anyone should know about that directly affects them pop up, I'll add them into this. The only other one I know about is one that only affects me, it just makes sure that my own viewing of the sites don't tamper with the analytics.

On a side not, by only one vote (at time of writing), it looks like I will be covering Ben Drowned tomorrow, that could still change though.

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