Friday, 31 July 2015

Opening Impressions: Adventure Time: Time to get ready for round 2 of this

On Twitter, I mentioned that this post wouldn't be ready because of the fact that I didn't have the time to complete it this week, and that's partially true, however there's more to it. The other main reason is that, a lot of the problems I have with this go back to Steven Universe's problems, in by that just the lack of any world building. However, there are some unique things to this, so time to conclude this mini marathon with Adventure Time.

I can summarize the plot in one sentence, Finn has a friend called Jake, they go on adventures. You want more info, well again, I'm limited to five episodes. As with Steven Universe, it looks like Adventure time takes a while to get going, something that I think could be due to the writing team's style. I don't have any complaints on this, but that's because I haven't seen the pay off. At the same time though, Adventure Time never slows down to world build, unlike something like Steven Universe, where I feel that there's too much padding to world build.

Adventure Time does one thing though that Steven Universe hasn't done for me yet (and no I haven't seen episode 6 of it yet), it has made me care about the characters. While they have a lot of room to grow, I do have a lot more of an interest with Jake and Finn, along with the side characters like Princess Bubblegum and the Ice King, then I do with Steven and the Crystal Gems.
"If Sonic can do it with a piece of a Helicopter, we can do it with a desk chair"

However, Adventure Time does suffer from problems, like Steven Universe, I don't care about this intro theme, and I actually think its worse then Steven Universe's one, while it is shot and animated better then Steven Universe's in terms of camera angles, the camera never gives me something I find interesting enough to look at because, and I think I'm one of the few, if not the only person to say this. I hate Adventure Time's art style. Before I have people going after my head, let me explain. I'm all for simple art styles if its to make the final product better, something I intend to go into more detail with when I cover the early days of Flash Animation later on, however, I think there's a limit. Adventure Time's art style is a little too simplistic, to the point where I think it needed more detail. While it leads to some comedic moments, I feel that the comedy could have been a lot better if there was more detail, not to the level of Tetsuya Namora's Batman though, that's just overkill (while still looking awesome).

The voice acting and dialogue is also quite good... overall. I do have one major complaint, and that would be anyone who primarily lives in Lumpy Space. I don't know what they told the voice actors to sound like, but they sound like stereotypical teenagers who have been smoking for 50 years, the worst offender is the Lumpy Space Princess. I love the other voice actors work though, especially Hynden Walch, Tom Kenny and John Dimaggio, though that may be because I have a soft spot of other roles they've done in the past and recently.

I don't know what to say about Adventure Time other then what I've already said about Steven Universe in terms of a closing, though what I will say is that right now, I have no interest in continuing this right now, maybe in the future, but its not a priority for me. Speaking of priorities, this one has been a long time coming (though not as long as Digimon Tamers), the start of a new type of content reviewed, the Blackest Night arc, starting on Wednesday (because I need to return to a normal schedule).

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