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My personal favourites when it comes to Pokémon

So what to do when there isn't a impressions to do for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire? A list of my favorite Pokémon...

While most people would do just a top 10, after nine years of playing the games, its hard to come up with just ten. What might be a favorite Pokémon of mine in a region might not be in my top ten but it still deserves to be mentioned. So instead, I've done a top 10 of each region, this is a Top 60. This thread has been updated since posting (last update 30/9/2014), Original post (19/5/2014)

The Kanto region, a favorite for most Pokémon fans because of its age. And its here that we start.

10: Ninetails:

I hold a soft spot for Fire type Pokémon for reasons I'll explain latter on in this post. The first time I played Generation 1, in the form of Leaf Green version, I picked Squirtle as my starter and eventually got Vulpix as a fire type. While Ninetails's move pool isn't something to talk about depending on when you use the Fire Stone, what I like the most about Ninetails is its design. Its majestic but can be feared. On top of that, the way Ninetails was portrayed in the first Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games, Red / Blue Rescue Team, was remarkable.

9: Alakazam:

If you could get this on your team, you were to be feared. To get a Alakazam, you have to trade a Kadabra, which you get from evolving Abra. Sounds simple enough, but there is a small problem. In the wild, Abra's only know one move, Teleport. Allowing them to flee at the first possible chance. Its a nightmare but well worth it. Alakazam is a Psychic powerhouse and one of the strongest Psychic types in the game combined with its mega form. If you have the time and patience (along with Pokeballs), Get yourself a Alakazam.

8: Charizard:

I'm going to get a lot of hate for this, but I don't really like Charizards over other fire types. It beats other fire types, in my opinion, like Emboar but that's not saying much. Charmander is meant to be the "Hard mode" of Generation 1, but unfortunately for them, they're useless. Fire types have the disadvantage in 3 of the gyms (Rock, Water and Ground, 4 if you have a Charizard by the time you take on the Electric gym), neutral in 3 (Poison, Psychic and Fire) and are only good against the Grass gym, and by then you would most likely have Flying types, have a Ice TM or catch one of the Vulpix/ Growlithe so there isn't any point to picking Charmander plot wise. On top of that, Charizard's Fire/ Flying typing means that it has a 4 times weakness to Rock moves and Stealth Rock halves its health the moment it enters the fight. The main reason why Charizard is here though is because it still looks like a badass. There are better, there are worse, but purely on design, I'll still use them.

7: Blastoise:

Another more for design over use. As stated before, I picked Squirtle as my first starter of Kanto and as a result, I will have a place in my heart for Blastoise (or FIRE POWER!!! as my one in X is called). Another water starter that doesn't have a lot of use in the main game however so it looses a lot as a result, but its a turtle with Water cannons on its back and in its mega form, they move to its arms and it gets a third, giant one on its back (hence FIRE POWER!!!).

6: Diglett and Dugtrio:

One reason only "Diglide Diglide, Trio Trio Trio". Kinda pathetic but meh, my list. I love the episodes of the Anime that have Diglett or Dugtrio in them as they are generally comedy episodes with the cast reactions being priceless.

5: Magneton:

Ever since I was young, I have always had a fascination for machines and how they worked and as a result, I took a shine to Magneton. While I don't like its final form, Magnezone, I do find excuses to use Magneton in my playthroughs. It's not the best Electric type, but I like it better then I do Pikachu.

4: Dragonite:

I love Dragon Pokémon, I always have at least one in my team when going against the Elite 4 and Champion and when I face people in battles, regardless of the Fairies. The original, though not one of the best in my opinion, and a pain to get in the original games, its Mother F&!#*)( Dragonite. I love Dragonite's design and when seeing its power in the Anime and the Pokemon Adventures manga ( seeing as a Dragonair, owned by cheating Lance, destroyed Vermillion City... Imagine Dragonite's power).

3: Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon:

I love the Eeveelutions, even if I don't use them often. The Eeveelutions are the few "cute" Pokémon I like, but that's because of tastes. I like their designs because they still resemble evolutions of Eevee but match the terrain. I'm pretty much going to be quoting this when I mention any other Eeveelutions latter on in this post so be aware or repeats. Speaking of which...

2: Eevee:

Look at number 3

1: Mewtwo:

This might seam a bit of a cop out but I do genuinely like Mewtwo. Not because of the games, I barely use him in the games. The reason I like it is because of his current card in the Trading Card game, something I play competitively. Mewtwo EX is the main card in my pure Psychic deck because of one its attacks, X-Ball. any two energy to use, 20 damage times the amount of energy on both Mewtwo EX and the defending Pokémon, combine that with another Pokémon latter on and you can see why I love using it. On top of that, Mewtwo is only reason why I still like the first Pokémon Movie. "We set out to create the world's strongest Pokémon, and we succeeded".

And now onto the Jhoto region

10: Ampharos
Its rare to have a electric type that isn't cute, while several exist, they are negated when compared to the Pikachu clones (outside of competitions). Ampharos isn't anything exciting outside of his mega form, but used properly, its actually quite decent in battle even if its design is questionable. There's a reason why I call it "Mega Amfabulous"

9: Wooper

Another one purely because of the anime, nothing else aside from that except for "Woopa *lean head to side looking adorable

8: Foretress

I love using Foretress in battles, its 4x weakness to fire is its biggest downfall but its defences are outstanding. I use Foretress as a suicide hazard layer: having Stealth rock, Toxic Spikes, Iron Defence and Explosion with Sturdy as the ability, guaranteeing me Stealth Rocks.

7: Wobbuffet:

"How to screw over every one you fight". 1.Get a Wobbufett, 2. Teach it counter like moves and ensure it has max defence/ special defence (depending on purposes) and HP. From their, stall everything.

6: Steelix:

How to make a giant Rock Snake even more of a badass? Turn it into a even bigger Metal Snake. While I don't use Onix often because I don't use Rock types often, I do love using Steelix in the main game.

Fun fact, Steelix's sprite in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red/ Blue Rescue team looked like it was levitating.

5: Typhlosion:

The only Fire type starter Pokémon that stays a Fire type. Typhlosion isn't the go to fire type when considering competitions but is still great in its own way. A loved starter choice of Jhoto, Typhlosion's are always a good companion choice.

4: Celebi:

Celebi is the Mew of Gen II, a Pokémon you can't catch in the main game and while its not viable in competitive battles, the way Celebi is portrayed in the Anime along with the Explorers series of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon is always great to see. A tad on the childish side, but has the powers to take down anything...

3: Suicune:

All I can say on this one is that I like Suicune's design, its the majestic one of the three beasts and it shows. I'm not a fan of Raikou or Entei's designs and in all honesty, I rarely use any of the three. but I'm still a fan of Suicune.

2: Tyranitar:

Why? because its f^*$!*$ Tyranitar. The destroyer of teams, one of the best Pokémon to catch in a Dark Ball, the Godzilla Pokémon, what's not to like about this? Except maybe his Mega form, not a fan of Mega Tyranitar's Design

1: Espeon and Umbreon:

See Vaporeon, Flareon and Jolteon, however I do prefer Espeon more because of its use in competitive play.

To my home, the Hoenn region

10: Absol:

I loved Absol's design the moment I saw it, the foreteller of disaster in the Pokémon world, Absol was the only useful Dark Type in gen 3 due to all dark moves being physical whereas dark types were primarily Special oriented. Absol lost a lot of its use in gen 4 and 5 but has returned in the form of Mega Absol and is even better.

9: Deoxys:

The Generation III version of Mewtwo, the DNA Pokémon Deoxys. Having the ability to change form (at will according to Destiny Deoxys), you never know what your going to face when you see that a Deoxys is coming out into the battle. will it be normal, Attack, Speed or Defence? Not to mention, it's Deoxys that almost kills Mewtwo in the adventures manga (which I will get to in another review). I'm only showing off Normal form for now.

8: Flygon:

Flygon is my go to Dragon type in Generation III (when I'm not using another...). I have terrible luck finding Bagon (hell, I didn't get a Febas ever until a Wonder trade in X/Y) and as a result, I often find myself using Flygon. A menace in double battles because of Earthquake, I would recommend Flygon's for any player. They're worth the training time.

7: Skitty:

May's Skitty in the Anime. the only reason why its on this list.

6: Metagross:

4 brains, 4 legs of death. Psychic Steel typing. Metagross is the definition of offensive wall to me. Always a post game Pokémon however so if you have the time to train, they are beautiful in battles. And with Mega Metagross on the way...

5: Swampert:

My one true foe... I have respect for Swampert because of reasons I'll explain at the end of this section. Once you read, you will see why. Swampert's Mega form has been growing on me since it was announced, however I still call bull&^!^ for having Swift Swim. THAT SHOULDN'T BE ABLE TO SWIM FAST.

4: Aggron:

Generation III has some of the best Steel types in my opinion, First Metagross and now Aggron. While I prefer Metagross over Aggron, the reason Aggron is higher is because its easier to train, seeing as you get Aron's early in the games. On top of that, Mega Aggron (but that's for design as I have X and not Y).

3: Gardevoir:

My Dragon killer in the games and my buff for Mewtwo in the TCG. Gardevoir got the Fairy type in Generation VI along with a Mega Evolution, while its design is a bit meh in comparison to other mega forms, Mega Gardevoir's special attack, combined with Pixilate with turns normal type moves into Fairy moves and gives them a buff and use Hyper Beam= one shooting most dragon types.

Gardevoir was always a pain to get in the games (which is why I always have a hatred for Wally as he finds one first try (I've even seen him find a Shiny...)) they are well worth the time it takes to find and catch. As for the Card? The Gardevoir cards I use have Psychic Mirage, a ability that doubles Psychic Energy on Psychic Pokémon, like Mewtwo EX who's X-Ball grows by 40 damage for every energy equipped.

2: Rayquaza:

One of the two Pokémon I took into the Elite 4 with for the first time ever and the Pokémon I would say caused me the most trouble to catch. To catch Rayquaza in Emerald, you have to climb Sky Pillar after the Sootopolis city event. However, its now a Mach bike puzzle which to this day I still hate. The fight wasn't hard as all I did was use the Master Ball, it was climbing the tower that caused me so much pain. I still have that Rayquaza to this day in X who was the first Pokémon I raised to level 100. I'm interested to see how Rayquaza is going to contribute to mega Evolution in ORAS though.

1: In case my avatar wasn't a give away, Blaziken:

And the reason why I respect Swampert's but to be specific, May's Swampert from my original save file. Torchic was the first Pokémon I ever obtained and was the other Pokémon I took into the fight against the Elite 4 and Champion as a level 93 Blaziken. A lot of people hate the fact that Blaziken and Mega Blaziken are broken in competitive play, and I say screw them. Blaziken is my favourite Pokémon, not just of Generation III, but to date and without a doubt, my favorite Pokémon of all time.

To Sinnoh, the land of legends and mythology.

10: Garchomp:

"WHY IS THE BEST POKEMON IN COMPS SO LOW!!!" one reason and one reason only dear reader, because I'm sick of seeing it at said competitions. While I like the design and do think its useful in competitions, I don't like the people who only use it for its power and not for any other reason, Garchomp is the poster Pokémon for me when it comes to tier lists but that's a rant for another day.

 9: Froslass:

As a dragon type user, I don't like Ice type Pokémon often, like Iris. But I will give credit where its due, Froslass is awesome. She's a Ghost/ Ice type Pokémon and very nice to use in battles because of the dual type. Its stats aren't really anything spectacular but they're still useful. Generation IV added a lot of new evolutions for past generation Pokémon and while I don't think a lot of them are great, Froslass is one of the few that stand out to me in a good way.

8: Staraptor:

Rule #1 of Pokémon, always have a Flying type Pokémon with you and Staraptor is my personal favourite. Its design is awesome, it has a good move pool and is extremely useful in the main game fore its type set up and move pool. I always get a Starly when I play Diamond/ Pearl or Platinum because of Staraptor.

7: Torterra, Infernape and Empoleon:


What's this, a grass starter on this list? Yes, along side its companions. The generation IV starters get a lot of hate around them, but I love them. When I need a bulky Grass type, my first pick is Torterra for its great move pool including Wood Hammer, Giga Drain, Earthquake and Frenzy Plant (like all grass starters though for Frenzy plant...). I use Infernape when I'm not using Blaziken and, in terms of design, its a nice counter for Blaziken. While Blaziken's are leg oriented, having strong jumps and kicks, Infernape's have stronger arms, relying on punches instead of kicks. Yes its another Fire/ Fighting type but I don't care, I love the chimp. Empoleon is probably one of the more useful, to me at least, Water/ Steel with a decent move pool. Like with Infernape, I love Empoleon's design. It's obvious that Empoleon is supposed to look regal and while I think it could have been implemented better, it still looks great.

6: Dialga:

Another "Legendary cop out". I got Diamond purely because of Dialga's design (and because I thought it was the Space controller and not the Time controller...). Dialga's Roar of Time looks and is epic and a move I will never sacrifice for Dialga. Its design is different enough to distinguish it from the legendary Pokémon before it and is one of the few Dragon Pokémon that can stand up to my Mega Gardevoir's Hyper Beam (being part Steel type and all...)

5: Leafeon and Glaceon:

You know the drill, Jolteon, Flareon and Vaporeon. However I will say that the way to get them is a pain, but not the worse.

4: Darkrai:

Generation IV had a lot of Legendary Pokémon, so this shouldn't come as a surprise that there's a second "Legendary cop out" Pokémon. but unlike Legendary's before it, I love using Darkrai. Its always satisfying to me to have Dark Void hit, torture them with Darkrai's ability, Bad Dreams, build up Nasty plot while they're sleeping and then sweep them with Dark Pulse or Dream Eater. Call me power hungry or a pathetic trainer for relying on a legendary, but if I have it, why can't I use it?

3: Gallade:
More TCG strategies: Gallade's Powerful Storm attack is deadly in my deck. For two of any energy, it does 20 damage times the energy on all of my Pokémon on the bench. Now imagine if I have two Mewtwo's with several Energy on them along with Gardevoir. Now you see why its deadly. On top of that, Gallade is a common Pokemon in some of my teams in game and with a new Mega form on the way (which is growing on me in terms of design), it'll be great to see him in honorable battle again (and yes, I said him, you can't get a female Gallade as you can only evolve Kirlia into Gallade by using a Dawn Stone on a male Kirlia).

2: Weavile:

Thank you Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, aside from being one of my favorite Pokémon movies, you also introduce me to two of my favourite Pokémon from Generation IV. Weavile looks deadly, it's fast, great move pool, and raised properly, can be a excellent sweeper. The personalities for the "Weavile siblings" as I call them in the anime were great as well and their coordination in some fights (like the one in the play room) were great. Speaking of Pokémon from that movie...

1: Lucario:
The star of Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. Lucario is another Pokémon that would be in my top 10 easily (number 2 to be precise). You really feel sorry for Lucario in the movie, imprisiond by the man he thought was his friend, released hundreds of years later not knowing where he is along with several other aspects that I don't want to spoil yet (maybe in a review...). Lucario's personality is well thought out in it, a knight who has seen things in his time, and is consistent throughout the movie. On top of that, Lucario's are great to use in the games (for the usual reasons...) and their designs are awesome.

While he isn't useful to me in the Super Smash bros series because of my play style, I'm interested to see just how much of a buff it got in Smash 4. My only issue with Lucario is Korrina. In my (currently only) playthrough of X, I had no idea Korrina would give you a Lucario with Lucaronite, and seeing as I raised a Riolu (the previous evolution of Lucario), I was pissed as I felt like I had wasted my time. Korrina's Lucario hasn't left the PC as I love the Lucario I raised myself.

Unova, the first city of internationalism in Pokémon. This is the region I've actually been stretching to find Pokémon because I rushed through it.

10: Volcarona:

Volcarona has been growing on me since X/Y came out. a Bug/ Fire type that, when raised properly and set up well, can be near impossible to stop. Volcarona has a lot of stat enhancing moves that, if it uses, spells the end of your team (knowing from experience...). Design wise... meh, its forgettable like a lot of the Unova Pokémon to me in terms of design, not to mention that its a pain to get in game (either catch it at level 70 or raise a Larvesta to level 59, making it the highest level requirement for a stage 1 Pokémon.

9: Kyurem:

To be specific, Black Kyurem and White Kyurem. People say that their designs are to cluttered, but I actually enjoy them. They look like fusions of Kyurem and either Zekrom or Reshiram and they look a lot better then the Pokémon fusion app online... Like Arceus before it, you never know what form your going to be fighting in battle as they all keep the name Kyurem by default. and with each of them learning Ice, Dragon and either Fire of Electric moves deepening on the form, it's always interesting to me to see how each Kyurem is trained.

8: Haxorus:

More almighty Dragon's. Like Salamance in generation III, I don't often find myself using Haxorus, not because of rarity, but because I like the other dragon more. Haxorus however looks deadly, has a decent movepool and stats and is a terror when you send it out in battle (at least in generation V...).

7: Victini:
The Victory Star Pokémon. Victini would be great in battles except for one big issue, no stat enhancing moves... at all. While Baton Pass is viable, its not worth it a lot of the time. Victini's ability "Victory star" raises the accuracy of your Pokémon if their on the field with Victini at the same time so if you like double and triple battles... The main reason why Victini is here though is because of the two movies it was in (even though they were the same movie). Victini in "Victini and (either Zekrom or Reshiram depending on the movie) was adorable. Like Mew, Celebi and Jirachi before it, Victini is childish and playful, but is also timid because of what happened to it in the past. Its character was
                                                                    thought out well (minus dialog but that's 
                                                                    because I don't speak Pokémon at all)
                                                                    and the movie itself isn't that bad.

6: Golurk:

Dragons Exalted Golurk to be specific. Golurk was my first power house when I got back into the TCG. Why? because of Devolution Punch. Remove the highest evolution card from the defending Pokémon and then do 60 damage. Seeing as a lot of basic and stage 1 pokemon don't have/ just have 60 HP, the attack is deadly. A pain to set up but once you do, that Golurk isn't going anywhere for a while hehehe...

5: Serperior and Samurott:

Serperior and Samurott are mostly just because of lesser of two evils. While I like their designs compared to most Pokémon in Unova, the main reason why I like them is because I hate Emboar. there isn't much to say apart from that...

4: Emolga: 

More TCG information. The Emolga's from the Black and White sets have (at least the latter versions) Call for Family which can help get EX's out fast. On top of that, the other reason why I like Emolga is because of Iris's Emolga, purely because of its personality. However, I hate Emolga's when I'm in a Sky battle against them...

3: Reshiram and Zekrom:

The main reason why I like the main legendary of Black and White are because of how toned down they were in comparison to Generation IV. Truth and Ideals vs Space, Time, (what you choose to describe Giratina's), and literally the God Pokémon. Reshiram and Zekrom represent the Pokémon equivalent of Ying and Yang and it shows in their designs. While I'm not sure of the logic between Fire and Electric being their types (I think its because neither have a type advantage on the other, but I'm not sure of the deeper reason), they are good Pokémon either way.

2: Hydreigon:

The reason why I don't use Haxorus. Screw the 4x weakness to Fairy types, Hydreigon is still epic. Whats not to like about using a Hydra to battle? Dark/ Dragon and can be raised to be either Physical oriented or Special oriented (something that not all dragons share due to stats) and a balanced move pool for either, I always love using Hydreigon even if I have to flee from a Jigglypuff now with it... which is kinda pathetic when you think about it...

1: Zoroark:

The Illusion's master. While I wish that Illusion worked like Ditto's Transform does or if Zoroark could learn Transform. Zoroark is still a amazing pokemon. One of the first Pokémon to be revealed for Generation V, a pure Dark type that you never know is coming until its to late, Zoroark is a force to be reckoned with. I love Zoroark's design because of how fast it looks and the fact that it looks (at least to me it does) like a hunter, just make sure the last Pokémon in your party doesn't have a weakness to Fighting, Bug or Fairy type moves...

The final stop for regions, and the region with the smallest Pokedex, Kalos. I'm not including Mega forms in this list.

10: Klefki: 

One reason and one reason only. "These key collectors threaten any attackers by fiercely jingling their keys at them." need I say more? I don't care what people say about Klefki, its a great wall and it's funny.

9: Noivern: 

While not part Poison, which everyone thought it would be..., Noivern's design is still amazing. I haven't used one yet, nor have I seen it in combat so I can't talk about how it is in battle. Its design is still great and Noibat is absolutely adorable.

8: Goomy: 

The memes, just the memes alone. Last year was when I started paying attention to the internet memes and when Goomy was revealed, it wouldn't die for ages. Goomy, the weakest Dragon type and the destroyer of worlds...

 7: Pyroar: 

I don't know one person who hasn't at least considered calling their Pyroar's either Mufasa or Scar (mine being called Fem Scar because it was a female). Besides, a Lion Pokémon is amazing, wether its useful in battle or not.

 6: Espurr: 

Those eyes... Type into Google Images "Espurr Memes" and you'll see what I mean. There's a reason why my Espurr is called "Nightmare".

5: Vivillon: 

Using the game itself, Vivillon has a interesting gimmick, aside from being one of the few useful Bug type Pokémon, each region has its own sets of Vivillon patterns out of 18 (with two more being event exclusives) and the only way you can get all of them is by trading, its a interesting gimmick (if the only patterns that I can get for some reason are the Elegant and Modern patterns...). However the reason why its here is because of its Pokedex number and what people have done with it. Vivillon is Pokémon 666 in the Pokedex, and the satanic memes from it were hilarious, if not creepy...

4: Flabebe: 

The first Fairy type Pokémon you'll likely encounter in Kalos, Flabebe is the smallest Pokémon to date and actually a decent early game Pokémon... when you evolve it. I like Flabebe more for its design and concept (being that it can have one of five flowers with it) rather then its use.

3: Yvertal and Xerneas: 

The reasons why I like Xerneas and Yvertal are the same as Reshiram and Zekrom, but unlike Reshiram and Zekrom, Xerneas and Yvertal were integrated better into the plot. The N fight was a nice fight in Black and White, don't get me wrong. But Reshiram and Zekrom in those games felt like "replace with any legendary from the previous games and nothing will change". Kyurem was better implemented into the sequels, Black 2 and White 2 then Reshiram and Zekrom were, at least to me.

2: Sylveon: 

Its a Eeveelution, you know what to do. But I will say that its a pain to get this one, worse then Porygon Z in Generation IV. High affection (through Pokémon Amie, and then level it up while it knows a fairy move).

1: Chesnaught, Delphox and Greninja: 

Last, but not least. All three of these Pokémon do things that no starter has done before. All of them have a second type that works along side the standard Grass->Fire->Water weakness chain, that being Grass/Fighting, Fire/Psychic and Water/Dark. Yes, you herd me, theirs a Fire Starter who doesn't become Fire/Fighting, that alone is worth praise. On top of that, all three of them are useful throughout the game with none of them trumping another in terms of type match-up. I am interested in playing as Greninja for Super Smash Bros 4, may not be a main for me, but he looks like he could fit my playstyle.

So that's my list, my favourite Pokémon from each of the generations. I assure you I won't be doing something like this any time soon and the next top 10 list will actually be closer to the number 10.

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