Thursday, 15 May 2014

Turnabout Smash: Writer's wanted

While the Prologue is still in the proof reading phase, work has begun on the first chapter "Clash of speeds, Turnabout Reunion Part 2". Because I would like to get the chapters out faster then I would be able to if I was doing this alone, I'm looking for writers who have a interest in these sorts of stories. I will be putting some limitations on (mainly setting and main characters) however these will be vague and you will have creative control over the chapter.

If you would be interested. You can E-mail me here ( It would be helpful to see some sort of past work so if you can, please include something that shows you know what your doing.

As a final piece to this, if you don't want to write but feel like you could contribute in some other way, let me know.

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