Thursday, 27 February 2014

A loss of old friends...

A list of the names of the fallen, whose online services shall be remembered for better or worse in the years after their untimely demise.
For the DS:
And for the Wii:

May their losses not be in vein, may developers learn from the mistakes of these fine games and use their knowledge for better or worse

Wii will remember them...

In recognition of the fallen services, for better or for worse.

Before I sound crazy... All Nintendo DS and Wii games will lose online features on May 20th worldwide. However, this will not mean other online features will be terminated. The Nintendo DSi Shop, Nintendo DS Browser and Nintendo DSi Browser will continue to operate. Similiary on the wii the Wii Shop Channel, Internet Channel, Youtube and Hulu will continue to work.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

On the subject of Pokemon

If you have your club Nintendo codes for your 3DS, 3DS XL or 2DS and a selected few games (Mario Kart 7, Mario 3D Land, DKC returns 3D and Animal Crossing New Leaf (there might be others)) you can get a free download code for Pokémon X and Y. I would say that this is worth it so if you are interested in playing Pokémon X/Y but don't want to pay for it. Use this offer.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

First review of a recent game. Pokemon X version and Pokemon Y version

I think a fitting first review would be the recent Nintendo 3DS titles. Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. This review will primarily based on X version as that is the copy that I have. That being said, the information used in this review can be used in Y version. The only differences between X and Y are the Pokémon and items you can find throughout the game. The reason why I start this is because this Pokémon game is the first Pokémon game in several years that I have put in the amount of hours I have this quickly. Pokémon Emerald version (the first game in the franchise I got (review coming latter)) I put in roughly 150 hours (but that save is long gone so I might be wrong), I don't recall the Generation 4 games (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum and Heart Gold) getting close to the 100 hours, the only reason why Pokémon Black got over 100 is because of the Pokémon Bank and White 2 didn't come close. At the time of writing, I am 111 hours in and still going which I classify as a achievement in itself.

In case you are not aware of the series (in which case I ask what rock have you been living under for the last 17-18 years, (to the people who have been following the franchise since generation 1, feeling old yet?) Pokémon is a franchise based around catching creatures called Pokémon, training them and battling other Pokémon to gain Gym Badges and eventually become the Champion of that region and a Pokémon Master. As of Generation 6, there are over 719 Pokémon and your overall objective is to "Catch 'em all". This is pretty much all that you need to understand this review. Be forewarned though, this will contain spoilers.

Pokémon X and Y are pretty much your standard Pokémon adventure but it does introduce several new features. The first one that new players will be introduced to is customizable avatars. Over the course of the franchise, avatar progression has been... slow. Generation 1 introduced Red who was the only character you could play as, Pokémon Crystal introduced Kris who was the first female avatar and then Pokémon X and Y introduced the character customization (wonder why it took this long...). When you start the game, you will have the option to pick your gender (Calem being the male avatar and Serena being the female avatar) from there, you can pick from three stock designs and latter you will have the ability to change your cloths, hair ect.

Other new features that have been introduced into Generation 6 include the Holo Caster, a machine that allows players to receive information about Pokémon events depending on where you are in the world along with plot based communications with Professor Sycamore, your rivals, Lysander and other characters. The Holo Caster is also the connection to the 3DS's Street Pass feature which allows you to generate "Pokémiles" as you walk past other players. The Pokémiles is a form of currency that you generate through communicating with other players (walk past, trade, battle ect) and apps like the Pokémon Bank that you can spend on items like Rare Candies. The Rollerblades are also implemented as a mid form of transportation throughout the world. Using the circle pad, you can use the rollerblades to move faster then running, however you cannot use them in areas like tall grass.

The biggest feature to be implemented into Generation 6 is Mega Evolution. Some Pokémon have a special item known as a Mega Stone which, combined with the Mega Ring, you can make specific Pokémon stronger during a battle. This change affects stats, abilities and even types. I personally love this feature as it make Pokémon like Absol and Venusaur useful again. It is always satisfying to see the Mega Evolution animation play because you get the sense of "you have no chance now". Admittedly, some of the Mega Pokémon are ridiculously overpowered but they are still fun to use (Mega Kangaskhan with Power Up Punch :D). The trick with Mega Evolution though is that you can only use it once per battle so you have to wait for the right moment to strike.

My personal opinion on Pokémon X and Y is that it is very fun and a great inclusion to the series but it is really easy. You get very powerful items like the EXP Share (which received a very big buff now) and Amulet Coin before the second gym and the lucky egg before the fourth. The EXP share now gives 100% of the experience to the Pokémon that participated in the battle and 50% to all the Pokémon in your team that didn't. On top of this, it is very easy to get a lot of money in the game, but this was to encourage buying cloths which are very expensive. The rival characters never feel like a threat and even the Gym leaders feel a bit lack luster. I struggle to take Team Flare seriously thanks to their design. There wasn't a lot of build up during the course of the story. In one trip to Lumiose City, you have to go to Lysander's café (a café run by the inventor of the Holo Caster). The theme of the café, Lysander's design, the way he speaks and the fact that there was a Team Flare grunt outside the café could tell anyone that he's the big bad guy. In another trip, you have to go to Team Flare's base but no one knows where their first facility is in Lumiose. "I wonder if I should check the café with the clearly villainous theme?". The post game is also lacking in the quantity department. You have a side quest in Lumiose, Mega stone collection, you can catch the third legendary Pokémon in Kalos and Mewtwo.

In conclusion, I would still pick up this game. If you enjoy the series prior to X/Y, curious about the series or looking for a time sync on the 3DS, this is worth the purchase. While the game is easy in comparison to the prior titles and doesn't do a lot to change the formula the series is known for, it is still a lot of fun to play.

Also, a side note. For the first time ever, THE MOTHER HAS A BEDROOM!!! Ever since Generation 1, the mother character has never had her own bedroom until now.


Welcome to the site that will be hosting my reviews on games, movies, anime, TV (rarely because I don't watch a lot of TV) and stuff I think I should critique. I want to turn these into videos someday but I don't want to until I have the capabilities to do so. For those who are interested, I have a second blog that talks about a concept that I designed called Super Smash Brothers: Fan Disagreement. If people would like to find out more, click on the link here -> Otherwise, enjoy.

Please tell me what you think about the reviews I post as it helps me improve my skills (assuming its constructive criticism).

The elephant in the room

Something that should come out sooner than later is, probably, one of the most important aspects of Super Smash Brothers. The Character Roster. As a warning, this roster is MASSIVE.
I'll start with the returning characters. All of these characters have appeared in the official franchise (this includes Smash 4, so far)

The returning characters are as shown
1. All Super Smash Brothers 64 characters
2. Peach
3. Bowser
4. Zelda/Shiek
5. Gannondorf
6. Falco
7. Mewtwo
8. Marth
9. Nana and Popo
10. Game and Watch
11. Wario
12. Zero Suit Samus (plays like she did in Brawl)
13. Wolf
14. King Dedede
15. Meta Knight
16. Diddy Kong
17. Lucas
18. Ike
19. Olimar
20. Pit
21. Snake
22. Sonic
23. Villager
24. Mega Man
25. Rosalina and Luma
26. Little Mac
27. Lucario
28. R.O.B
29. Wii Fit Trainer

And now the new characters that are apart of the plot for Single player.

1. Pokémon Trainer M (Red, Ethan, Brendan, Lucas, Hilbert, Calem) (Pokémon)
2. Waluigi (Super Mario)
3. Kat and Ana (Wario Ware)
4. Vaati (Zelda)
5. Dark Samus (Metroid)
6. Anthony Higgs (Metroid)
7. Krystal (Star Fox)
8. Samurai Gordo (F-Zero)
9. Pokémon Trainer F (Leaf, Kris (her actual name escapes me), May, Dawn, Hilda, Serena)(Pokémon)
10. Sirica (Kirby)
11. King K Rool (Donkey Kong)
12. Kumatora (Earthbound)
13. Duster (Earthbound)
14. Lyn (Fire Emblem)
15. Louie (Pikmin)
16. Palutena (Kid Icarus)
17. Medusa (Kid Icarus)
18. Issac (Golden Sun)
19. Saturos (Golden Sun)
20. Jenna (Golden Sun)
21. Saki Amamiya (Sin and Punishment)
22. Miles “Tails” Prowler (Sonic)
23. Blaze the Cat (Sonic)
24. Doctor Julian “Ivo ‘Eggman’ Robotnik” Kintobor (yes, that is his real name)(Sonic)
25. Big Boss (Metal Gear)
26. Gray Fox (Metal Gear)
27. Dr Albert W. Wily, OBE, Ph.D (Mega Man)
28. Simon Belmont (Castlevania)
29. Shanoa (Castlevania)
30. Rayman (Rayman)
31. Phoenix Wright (Ace Attorney)
32. Steel Samurai (Ace Attorney)
33. Professor Layton and Luke (Professor Layton)
34. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)
35. Banjo and Kazooie (Banjo andKazooie)
36. Ryu (Street Fighter)
37. Chun-Li (Street Fighter)
38. Sephiroth (Final Fantasy)
39. Lightning (Final Fantasy)
40. Cecil Harvey (Final Fantasy)
41. Ezio Auditore Da Firenze (Assassins’ Creed)
42. Gordon Freeman (Half Life)
43. Mickey Mouse and Oswald the Rabbit (Disney)
44. Tai Kamiya and Agumon (Digimon)
45. Kari Kamiya and Gatomon (Digimon)
46. Koushiro “Izzy” Izumi and Tentomon (Digimon)
47. Yomiel (Ghost Trick)
48. Near sighted Jeego (Ghost Trick)
49. Maxwell (Scribblenauts)
50. Steve (Minecraft)
51. The Heavy (Team Fortress)
52. The Pyro (Team Fortress)
53. The Spy (Team Fortress)
54. Chell (Portal)
55. Ulala (Space Channel 5)
56. Bayonetta (Bayonetta)
57. Neku Sakuraba and Shiki Misaki (The World Ends With You)
58. Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

There are other characters, but I'll explain them latter

Item changes planned, Pokéball and Assist Trophy

One of the ideas that came up during the concept phase of Fan Disagreement was two changes to the Pokéball and Assist Trophies. While these are more balances, they might make fights more interesting.

The Pokéball change: the Pokémon that would come out of the Pokéball would be limited to Baby Pokémon. Before people start attacking this idea, there is logic to my madness. The reason behind this would be the implementation of Premier Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball and Master Ball. Premier Ball's would have Basic Pokémon and is as common as Pokéball's. Great Ball's would be rarer then Pokéball's and Premier Balls (the exact percentages for these and the latter ones is to be decided) and Stage 1 Pokémon would come out. Ultra would contain Stage 2 and Master Ball's would contain Legendry Pokémon. The reason for this change is to limit the randomness of the Pokéball. While the exact Pokémon would still be random, if you get a Ultra Ball, you would be guaranteed a Stage 2 Pokémon. Like with the games, the stronger the Pokémon, the stronger the attacks.

The Assist Trophy: The only change would be the chances of specific characters. In order to explain, I will use a example. One of the planned characters for the Assist Trophies is Tiff From the Kirby Anime, Right Back At Ya. In the series, she can call the Warp Star to assist Kirby. In Fan Disagreement, she would do the same, call upon a few Warp Stars. Under Normal conditions, Tiff would have the same percentage as other characters but there is a way of increasing the chances. If you play as Kirby or a Kirby character, the chances of Tiff increase, Play on a Kirby stage and the chances also increase, the best percentage boost you can get is if all players are playing as Kirby characters on a Kirby stage. However, there might be other Kirby Assist Trophies so the chances would also increase.

What are people's opinions on these features? Is there something that you would recommend to be added or removed? Let me know.