Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Item changes planned, Pokéball and Assist Trophy

One of the ideas that came up during the concept phase of Fan Disagreement was two changes to the Pokéball and Assist Trophies. While these are more balances, they might make fights more interesting.

The Pokéball change: the Pokémon that would come out of the Pokéball would be limited to Baby Pokémon. Before people start attacking this idea, there is logic to my madness. The reason behind this would be the implementation of Premier Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball and Master Ball. Premier Ball's would have Basic Pokémon and is as common as Pokéball's. Great Ball's would be rarer then Pokéball's and Premier Balls (the exact percentages for these and the latter ones is to be decided) and Stage 1 Pokémon would come out. Ultra would contain Stage 2 and Master Ball's would contain Legendry Pokémon. The reason for this change is to limit the randomness of the Pokéball. While the exact Pokémon would still be random, if you get a Ultra Ball, you would be guaranteed a Stage 2 Pokémon. Like with the games, the stronger the Pokémon, the stronger the attacks.

The Assist Trophy: The only change would be the chances of specific characters. In order to explain, I will use a example. One of the planned characters for the Assist Trophies is Tiff From the Kirby Anime, Right Back At Ya. In the series, she can call the Warp Star to assist Kirby. In Fan Disagreement, she would do the same, call upon a few Warp Stars. Under Normal conditions, Tiff would have the same percentage as other characters but there is a way of increasing the chances. If you play as Kirby or a Kirby character, the chances of Tiff increase, Play on a Kirby stage and the chances also increase, the best percentage boost you can get is if all players are playing as Kirby characters on a Kirby stage. However, there might be other Kirby Assist Trophies so the chances would also increase.

What are people's opinions on these features? Is there something that you would recommend to be added or removed? Let me know.

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