Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Mediaholics Review: Pokemon Generation Four (Video)

Direct link to video:
Fun Fact: This image was one of Blaster's first desktop backgrounds on his school laptop

"We will be heroes, we can change the world if we try". We will stand up, for what is right, we will be brave, we're ready to fight... No point finishing those two as we still have 3 more generations to do by the end of the year. Because we can't stop talking about Pokemon, its time for the Mediaholics team to talk about Pokemon Generation IV, on the day it was originally available in Japan. How well does the first move to 3D and the jump to the Nintendo DS hold up 10 years later (no joke) and how does "It all [come] together"

You can find the Generation I review here:

You can find the Generation V review written by Blaster (because he was the only one he could get in contact with that has either played the game, or has a more balanced view of the game) here:

Sunday, 25 September 2016

LEGO Dimensions Year 3 wishlist

So with Year 2 about to start, and people voicing in with what they want to see in a potential Year 3, I thought it might be fun to voice my own opinions on this idea, with what I'd like to see in Year 3. Will most of these happen, I doubt it for several different reasons. This is not meant to be taken as fact, this is just some ideas that, if possible, I'd like to see. This is my notes for this post though, as time constraints due to IRL work, and projects for here have been eating up a lot of my free time. I did want to add MoC pictures from what I can do in a piece of software called LEGO Digital Designer, to be some visual material for the post, but sadly time got the better of me. I do want to build them though, and once I get the time, I'll try my hand at them and upload them for you all to see, along with any ideas you may have. I did try to limit franchises, and I capped possibilities, in terms of age rating to M at the oldest (being the Australian equivalent of a PG-13 in terms of ESRB), as that's what looks to be the rule for the real sets and game. In terms of naming, the structure is type of pack (contents in terms of minifigs and first build)

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

LEGO Dimensions: Who be th' bad guy in 'tis again?

If ye don't like th' scurvy pirate shout, thar be a version 'o 'tis review in normal English here:
'tis was also a direct copy paste from 'tis site here: due to 'tis bein' more 'o a gag, so excuse any weird spellin' from th' tavern. I did give a go' 'n catch all 'o them. Now onto th' review savvy. 

No seriously, who? thar be someone tryin' to reconstruct th' multiverses 'n rebuild them in his own image, but we break a lot 'o thin's in these games, th' golden rule be "If it's made 'o LEGO, it can be destroyed" after all. Though then again, 'tis be th' opposite extreme to th' LEGO movie, which was all 'bout followin' instructions to th' letter 'n killin' imagination...  
"Totally not gettin' 'tis when it comes out, what would ever gift ye that idea..."

LEGO Dimensions: Who is the bad guy in this again?

Very quick, before going on as this is before the joke of the title, while late, in the spirit of Talk like a Pirate Day, there is a version of this review in Pirate that you can see here:

No seriously, who? There is someone trying to reconstruct the multiverses and rebuild them in his own image, but we break a lot of things in these games, the golden rule is "If it’s made of LEGO, it can be destroyed" after all. Though then again, this is the opposite extreme to the LEGO movie, which was all about following instructions to the letter and killing imagination...

"Totally not getting this when it comes out, what would ever give you that idea..."

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Pokemon Generation 5: What many dub as the racist games

You know, using that as the title, it reminds me of one line used in the intro song for the first Black and White anime season, "It's not always Black and White". How fitting when you see some of the more bat crap crazy ideas currently getting attention.

Continuing from where we were in February, and because no one I know thinks they can be unbiased when talking about this generation, this one's going to be a written review. No one but yours truly for this, as we tackle Pokemon Black Version, Pokemon White Version, and the direct sequels Pokemon Black Version 2 and Pokemon White Version 2 (which I'll be referring to as Black, White, Black 2 and White 2 for the remainder of this review).

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Combiner Wars Sky Reign (minus Hound): Combiners, now with 100% more cats

Who here is sick of people talking about Combiner Wars? Who here is sick of all the repaints? Who here is probably telling me I have no life because I review kids toys? To those I say: You have seen what's commonly covered on this site right? Trust me, this will probably be the last time Combiner Wars gets covered... at least gestalts. I do have a few Legends class characters from the line, just not the rest of their teams when applicable. So, lets finish off Combiner Wars before Titans Return goes to far ahead... I've got time... I hope... For those wanting to see a review of Hound, look up my review of Combiner Wars Swindle, I cover the two of them together. Also so that I can power through these: Deluxe figures that make up the limbs: Arm mode is half robot, half car with a hand on its foot, and the Leg mode is a compressed car with a foot in its exhaust.
Gotta go to the gym more mate, you're meant to be the Autobot bouncer

Sunday, 11 September 2016

F%&@ this game, F%&@ this game, F%&@ this game, F%&@ this game, F%&@ this game

Decided to change the order, Sky Reign is Wednesday.

Ugh... this game. This abomination. This atrocity. This disgrace. What better way to celebrate the 15th anniversary of a franchise then to almost single handily kill it? Granted, it wasn't alone, Genesis and Secret Rings helped. This game, is infamous in how bad, how broken, how glitchy it is. This game, above all others, is the reason the franchise has the reputation it does. This was one of the first games I got for my 360, due to a sale EB was doing, and that my only other option was a 16-bit collection where the games I'd want to play, I already had for the DS. I should note, I have not played the newest contender to this throne, I don't have the game, but in the spirit of No Man's Sky's release, let’s go back, to 2006, to a game that no longer had the protection of the time. When DLC was starting to become a thing, but not patches, to a game that had the franchise creator leave the company. If you thought Assassins Creed Unity and No Man's Sky was bad, well, I envy you, because dear, naive reader, you haven't seen anything yet. Welcome, to "SONIC the Hedgehog", or to go by its more common name, Sonic '06.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Pokemon Adventures Red/ Green/ Blue Arc: It's Kanto as you always imagined it

I hope you like Pokemon, because you're going to see a lot of it in the next few months. So to kick start the spa... I mean content, lets take a look at a part of the franchise that, while it gets more attention then some, its nowhere near as known as the main three, being the games, TCG and anime. The franchise has had several Manga incarnations, but the one that many bring up is Pokemon Adventures. I get the feeling some are going "But its the first of the month, why is this not a comic review?!" To answer that, its pretty simple. I see comics and manga the same way as I see western animation and anime, in that they're basically the same except for a few changes. The main differences between them? Manga are normally longer then standard comic books, in that Manga are almost small novel sized, where as comics, before getting their complete arc releases, tend to be no bigger then a magazine, being generous. Manga also tends to mimic the anime art style, but to my knowledge, primarily stay black and white, in that there is no colour in them outside of the front and back covers. Are there more differences? Yes, but most of them are culture based. Yes US, there are more countries in the world then yours, or was the .au in the web address for this site not enough of a clue? I know I don't talk with an auzzie bogan accent but still.