Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Big Hero 6: Because I haven't done enough superhero movies this year

Breaking news, Disney has done a superhero movie that not only isn't attached to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but isn't attached to Marvel at all.

So with the success of Wreck it Ralph and Frozen, where too from there? A superhero movie... Ok then... You're not going to go for the animated Superhero movie everyone wants to see? No? Well then, let's see what we have. Big Hero 6.

Is it sad to say that I have to throw this up already in the review?

Why is it there already, insert that where you think its needed for the following.
Hiro is a young genius, skilled in robotics and doesn't use is inteligence for anything more useful then a futuristic interpretation of cockfighting (or if you went to SGC, amiibo fighting). His older brother, Tadashi, inspires him to go to college and after making a new invention, is accepted in. However shortly after, his brother is killed in an explosion, leaving behind his last creation, a nurse robot called Beymax. Some undisclosed time later, and it turns out an evil man in black clothes is getting ready to terrorize the city with Hiro's, believed to be destroyed, invention, which was a series of "Microbots" that could be telepathically controlled to do anything. As such, it is up to Hiro to upgrade Beymax and work along side Tadashi's friends to stop this evil person and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Oh sorry, I phased out there, the plot was so predictable that I fell asleep. Leave a comment below at the amount of times you felt M Bison could have been used.
"I can show you the... wait, where are we?"

With a mediocre plot, I'm at least grateful the characters, while tropes I've seen before and as a result are easily predictable, are still fun to watch on screen, the chemistry between them is more believable the other times I've seen Disney tackle teenagers. The animation, with the exception of the way the Microbots move and a scene closer to the end that I have a pic for, both of which look nice, falls flat especially if you've seen Wreck it Ralph and Frozen. Nothing really stands out in the film in terms of animation, and even music. Sanfransokyo (I think that's how you spell it) does lend itself to some great action moments, however after coming off of films like Age of Ultron (When its out on DVD, then it gets a review. I like to enjoy films at cinemas), just feels... meh.
When did it become necessary to have Stan Lee in every Superhero movie made by Disney? Also does this mean that it is in the MCU? Will the MCU be in this world for Kingdom Hearts 3? Can I make this caption any longer if I tried?

What I will give it praise for though is that there is enough to work with here, the spark of an idea is here and I'd like to see it fleshed out some more. When you have a team of characters that have a skill akin to Batman and Spiderman, why not use it? It could be an interesting idea to see them all work together to try and design something to take down a strong, both in powers and character, villain (who was also very predictable in this film). Now thanks to D23, we do know that the film is getting representation in Kingdom Hearts 3, and its actually for that reason that this is here now. What they do with it, only time will tell. But until then, I'll see you all next time.

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