Monday, 25 May 2015

M.M.M: Captain America: The Winter Soldier: Cut off one head, three helicarriers and impossible tech shall take its place

The conclusion of Phase 2, with the exception of one film (which I'll look at later), every Marvel movie in the MCU has been covered, so now, its time to look at the movie that is directly followed by Age of Ultron. How has the Captain been since New York?

The thing with the story is that, while more interesting then Thor: The Dark World, its about as simple as a Mr Men book. Short hand, and its basically all you need to know, is this: Arnim Zola, from the first movie, was hired by, and helped create S.H.I.E.L.D. When Science couldn't cure him of an illness he had, he somehow transferred his entire memory and thought process into hundreds of computers (I'll get to that later). Using S.H.I.E.L.D as the cover, Hydra began to resurrect itself, eventually leading to the creation of three new Helicarriers which would detect possible threats and kill them. With this in mind, its up to Captain America, Black Widow, and newcomer Falcon, to stop them along with Maria Hill and a recovering Nick Fury. Rodgers takes out the three Helicarriers, saves The Winter Soldier (who's not the main villain, more of a thug), who is Bucky from the last movie and we move to Ultron. It's a simple plot like with The First Avengers, but with none of the same pull as it did. Its an interesting story, and unlike Thor: The Dark World, I'm not tempted to get distracted, but not boring isn't good. I do acknowledge the plot holes in this story, I'm not going to repeat them, I agree that they are a problem.

The action moments are also good, but for me, they're very "been there, done that", not just from the MCU, but also from Bayformers of all things. There are two car chases, which are good when you see them for the first time, but not on repeated views. The other thing with the action scenes is the use of guns. With the amount of bullets fired in this movie, you could probably melt down the casings and make a small village, complete with furniture. The pacing is quite good though, and there aren't any moments that don't need to be there. The issue that Captain America is facing are believable, and match his character. Music is the same style as the first film, so no complaints there.

My one complaint is the same thing as with The First Avenger, the to sci-fi nature of the older equipment. You know what I'm talking about, Zola being in the computer, something that even today is physically impossible due to the complexity of the brain. In 2015, we're still trying to make computers that behave like the human brain, let alone can faithfully replicate the behavior of another human so closely that they're considered the same. Now try doing that in the 1970's. At least Hydra, even remotely, did have some base in reality in the first film.

I need a bit more time to work on the final movie review of the M.M.M, so Wednsday will have two Impressions, Fantastic 4 in the morning, Ant Man at night. But on Friday, I'm covering Ultron. See ya then.

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