Monday, 11 May 2015

M.M.M: Iron Man 2: Like Father like son

The road to Avengers continues, as Iron Man gets a second movie to help lay down the ground work for his character. So what does the movie have to offer?

Story wise, its pretty simple. People want to get the Iron Man technology, whether it's the US government (though sadly I can't say big bad government... yet... by technicality, you'll see what I mean) who want to use it for defense purposes. Justin Hammer, who's a rival weapons development company, or Ivan Vanko, the son of the deceased partner of Howard Stark. Hammer hires Vanko after his performance as Whiplash at a race where Tony was driving, leading to Vanko's defeat. At the same time, Tony's Arc reactor is slowly killing him, and decides to live his life until it does. One such moment leads to a house party that has him going toe to toe with his friend Lt. Col. James 'Rhodey' Rhodes, who then takes one of his suits of armor. Hammer upgrades the suit and turns it into the War Machine suit. After what happened, Nick Fury informs Tony of a project Howard Stark was working on, leading to Tony discovering a new element that can power his arc reactor safely. Vanko, now with the knowledge on how to make the Iron Man suits, creates drones armed with explosives, along with a new Whiplash suit of armor, and goes to fight Iron Man, and eventually War Machine, leading to Whiplash's death. My one complaint about this story is the fact that, aside from introducing War Machine, who wouldn't be seen again until much later, this story didn't need to exist. It is a good story, but unnecessary.
"First to blink looses"

All the comments I made about the cinematography, music and the writing still applies, but there is one thing I didn't mention in the last review, which comes into more of an effect here. People were hating this movie because of the Holograms and the discovery of a new element, saying that they were impossible, and to sci-fi. While I might be willing to agree with the element, as an AV tech, Holograms like that aren't as impossible as people think seeing as we can project light onto water fountains now, its not to far away. Besides, those are impossible, and making an arc reactor out of weapons parts, a car battery and whatever material he could find in a cave run by a terrorist organization is completely possible? Didn't think so. Two more Avengers still need to be introduced, so come Wednesday, we travel to Asgard to get introduced to the Prince of Thunder. Up next: Thor

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