Friday, 8 May 2015

M.M.M: Iron Man: The first of many suits for the same occasion

For the time being, we're done with The Hulk, as we shift from brawn to brains... kinda, depending on how you look at it. The Knight: Iron Man. Seen as the first film in the MCU, it is time to see just how its faired.

So what's the plot? Billionaire Playboy philanthropist  Bruce Way I mean Robert Down Tony Stark, the owner of one of the largest weapons research and development companies on the globe: Stark Industries, it kidnapped by terrorists and is about to die due to some shrapnel from one of his weapons entering his body. A doctor, who was also kidnapped by the same terrorist organization, keeps him alive long enough for him to make a small Arc Reactor, a device that can generate near infinite amounts of free power... I believe, I could be wrong as I'm not familiar with the tech and none of the films explain it. With the remaining resources, Stark creates a suit of armor that helps him escape from the terrorists.

"Come fly with me, let's fly let's fly away"
Once back on home soil, Tony begins making a new and improved version of the Iron Man suit of armor that he used to escape the cave while at the same time, shutting down the weapons R&D side of Stark Industries, to focus on technology that won't kill others. Tony uses the new Suit to bring down terrorist organizations who are using his weapons, so there is a bit of irony here. Eventually we realize that the obvious villain, Obadiah Stane, is the villain and has been supplying the terrorists with the weapons and manages to recover the Mk1 suit, turning it into the Iron Monger. Battle ensures, Tony reveals that he is Iron Man and we get ready for Iron Man 2. It's pretty basic, there's no real plot twists that you can't see coming from a mile away, but I do think its handled well. It does introduce new fans to these characters with enough leg room to eventually expand, however unlike The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man would actually get a sequel, two even.
"I will prove to you that the original is always better"

The characters are nothing new, as the concepts behind them have appeared in man other films. However, I still find them interesting, even if generic. The movie is shot well, I have no complaints with the cinematography, though the ACDC soundtrack is a bit overkill. There is one other complaint I have, but I'll save it for Monday, you'll see why then. While the movie is quite dumb, it doesn't try to challenge you at all, Iron Man is still one of my favorite films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's simple, but sometimes simple is better, especially when you're introducing characters for the first time to new audiences. Up next though, lets see Stark's next adventure: Iron Man 2.

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