Wednesday, 27 May 2015

First Impressions: Fantastic 4: Really don't want to show off spoilers do they?

There are two kinds of trailers, trailers that show off a lot about what they're promoting, and in the case of these two, show off absolutely nothing that tells people what's actually going on. So... Fantastic 4 reboot!

So what do we know? Well, we know that the four of them are going to be in their early 20's at most. We know they have to go to an unnamed dimension, and we know that Dr Doom is involved... some how... Am I missing anything, there has to be more then that.

The other thing with this trailer is "Generic trailer syndrome", which has a few symptoms, which are

1. Rapid cuts showing off nothing spoiler related
2. Showing off the characters before the problem arises
3. Bland music that's in every trailer
4. Bit of action
5. Close on the logo

The only thing that has me remotely excited is The Thing, because its CGI is really good (especially in comparison to the last two Fantastic 4 movies), but apart form that, there's nothing here for me to get excited about, I'm going to see the movie because I want to see how it improves on the last two, not because of these trailers. Later tonight: Ant Man. See you then

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