Wednesday, 20 May 2015

M.M.M: Iron Man 3: Why wasn't this an Avengers movie?

So we come to the final Iron Man film so far. There are no plans for Iron Man 4 in Phase 3, the next we'll see Tony is in the third Captain America movie, but we'll get to that movie later on. For now, the Avengers have gone their separate ways, and now we see what they've been getting themselves into while they get some "down time". Let's start with Tony, shall we? Iron Man 3
Movie set in December, comes out in cinemas late April. Swing and a miss there people

First off, that glorious thing everyone loves, the plot. Apparently almost dying isn't good for your mind, as Tony is suffering from Panic attacks due to triggers that remind him of the climax of The Avengers. In his sleep deprived state, several dozen Iron Man Suits have been made including the Mk.42. To put this in perspective, the suit in the Battle of New York was the Mk .7. While this is happening, Osama bin I mean Al Qae the Mandarin has been bombing several places in the US, leading to an America in panic due to the war on terror (I would also throw in M.E.C.H, but there's enough of a difference). Meanwhile, thanks to two scientists, one Tony had sex with, the other he left on a random roof on new years eve/day. A.I.M has made a form of Bio tech that grants humans regenerative abilities, however the trade off is that they all become hot heads (both figuratively, and literally) and they have a chance of exploding. Due to one of the explosions hitting a friend of his, Tony tells the world his address, which prompts the Mandarin to blow his house up. The condensed version of the rest of the movie: Stark finds the Mandarin, who's nothing more then an actor, A.I.M's actually the real Mandarin (hence the M.E.C.H comparison), who intends to kill the President, putting the Vice President, who's in league with A.I.M, in charge and then possibly taking over the world, it's never explained.
Hello stunt double given speaking role

A lot of people hate this plot because there isn't a lot of Iron Man in the movie. To that I say "count the amount of time Iron Man was in the last two films". Now, one complaint I do understand to an extent is "Why isn't this an Avengers movie?". While I think Captain America would be useless, and Thor's in Asgard with a destroyed Bifrost so there is an excuse. Banner on the other hand I'm inclined to agree with others on, as I think he could have worked well in the movie. I'd have been fine with The Hulk not being in the movie, just some acknowledgement of Stark's and Banner's partnership in terms of R&D (I won't explain why yet). It's just something that would have helped with continuity.
People say there isn't enough Iron man in Iron Man 3, did you all forget about us?

A part from that, CGI and music wise, its the same as The Avengers, but with a festive theme to it, due to the fact that this is shot in the Christmas period. All the films do have great CG work, so, unless I say otherwise, assume I like it (the broken record's starting to get too broken for me). Up next: Back to Asgard with Thor: The Dark World.

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