Wednesday, 27 May 2015

First Impressions: Ant Man: So... does this mean that the movie will be shorter as well?

I seem to be doing a lot of these lately... So... Ant Man.

Unlike Fantastic 4, we actually have an idea as to what the hell is going on (coming from a person who knows next to nothing about Ant Man). So, we have a tyrant wannabe who wants to make an army of soldiers with super powers who are the sizes of insects to cause chaos on the world. So it comes down to... Howard Stark? Isn't he dead? Wouldn't the old man being Henry Pimm make more sense? To say nothing of the fact that the size altering particles are called PIMM PARTICLES... oh wait, he is in the movie... casting at time of writing may not be 100% correct, as I'm going off an IMDb page with the actor next to the character, no back story for the movie... Regardless, it is up to an old man (Who can be anyone) to hire Scott Lang to become Ant Man, to stop Yellowjacket (yes, that is the villain's name) from doing... something... Ok, at least there's more to say then there was in the Fantastic 4...

At least in terms of plot, because after that, its standard trailer syndrome again, designed to catch people's attention, without doing anything unique. Still interesting and I do find the concept of a battle on a Thomas the Tank Engine track to be hilarious. something that I hope is a constant theme for the film. Do I think Ant Man is going to be in Infinity Wars? Well, seeing as Howard Stark, someone who is dead for all but one MCU film, that one being Captain America: The First Avenger, I doubt it. I promised Ultron on Friday, and I keep my word. See you on Friday

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