Friday, 29 May 2015

M.M.M: Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow: It's surprising how much you take maturity for granted

I said I would be covering Ultron, but those of you who have been following my content for a while would know that I don't cover films while they are at the cinema. So when I said I'd be reviewing Ultron, I wasn't talking about Age of Ultron.

For the final review of the marathon, we're going back a few years, back to 2008, back to when the Marvel Cinematic Universe had just started. And yet, we go forward, to a time when The Avengers would have been old men and women, at least they would have if it hadn't appeared. The torch has been passed on, and its time for The Next Avengers to rise.

In a time, when the world was at peace, the Avengers of the story: Captain America, Black Widdow, Hawkeye, Iron Man, The Black Panther, The Hulk (maybe), Giant Man, The Vision and The Wasp, separated, and started families. However, what was once a law and order creation by Tony Start, became Ultron, who managed to kill most of the Avengers. Tony managed to escape with the son of Captain America and Black Widow: James Rodgers, the daughter of Thor: Torunn, Azari: son of the Black Panther and Pym: son of Giant Man and The Wasp. Years pass, the children age, and in that time, Ultron takes control over half the world. The Vision arrives at their secret paradise in the Arctic Circle (Biosphere tech) badly damaged and Tony brings him to his lab to be repaired. While snooping, James accidentally activates the Iron Avengers, who launch to fight Ultron... and are mowed down and reprogrammed into his personal army. Ultron finds their hiding spot and captures Tony while Vision flees with the children, looses power and gives Pym the chance to steer the Quinjet to Ultra City, where it gets shot down. How many sad trombone moments am I up to?
"Pose for the camera"

In Ultra City, after having to run away from some of Ultron's robots because Torunn doesn't know which battles to fight and looses her sword as a result, the children meet Francis Barton: son of Hawkeye, who adopted his name as a result, and Betty Ross. With the help of Hawkeye and the Scavengers, the children free Tony and discover that Bruce Banner is still alive, hidden, and afraid of Ultron. After meeting with him, James gets the idea to bring Ultron to the Hulk, and allowing the rest of the movie to be a battle, Ultron is destroyed, and the movie closes.
"Well... this is awkward... Can I have that drink now?"

The story reflects the fact that they're children, due to just how much their plans blow up in their faces. It's not something like Digimon where they somehow manage to pull through all the time. The animation is also gorgeous in this movie, from the Biodome's nature to Ultra City's "we're trying not to be Cybertron" feel. Everytime I saw Ultra City, I kept on thinking that it would transform into either Unicron or Primus. My one complaint is the music, which is very mediocre at best. But for now, we must bring this marathon to an end. One last post though for this month, and its on the Projects site, just to explain what's happening next month, but for now, come back on Wednesday for a trip to Labyrinthia as we reunite with an Attorney, and get introduced to a Professor.

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