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Top X List: Top 20 Smash Ballot choices

Yes, I'm not dead (something that I hope would be clear from the Twitter posts). While I wasn't sure if I could sustain weekly content during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, I have been working on content behind the scenes for you all to enjoy.  So Nintendo has unveiled the Smash Ballot, fans can choose who they want to see in Super Smash Brothers for 3DS and WiiU as DLC. And with everyone saying who they want to see, I thought I'd throw my own list into the mix. These are just my opinions on the matter, looking at who I think would work in the games based on what the actual rosters have been for the Super Smash Brothers games, possible move sets and their connection to Nintendo.

20: Micky Mouse (Disney)
I'm sure everyone knows of the comparison between Mario and Mickey Mouse, so why not see who's better? Love or hate the game, I do think the Paint mechanics, on the surface, are an interesting idea (I'm not sure about execution as I am yet to play the Epic Mickey games). I do think that the paint brush could be a interesting weapon for Mickey to use, with Paint and Thinner making for interesting specials.

19. Anthony Higgs (Metroid)
This is a character that I'd expect to be another Metroid representative. As a slow, ranged Little Mac (this being my best way to describe it), I could see Higgs as a nice comparison to Samus. His melee attacks wouldn't be great, but once that cannon charged, that would be powerful. As to the Ridley fans, I'll get to him in a bit...

18. King K Rool (Donkey Kong Country)
Being perfectly honest, I've yet to play an original trilogy Donkey Kong Country game, so I don't have an idea as to a possible moveset. I just think he looks like he could be a interesting fighter, and we need more villains.

17. Kumatora (Mother/ Earthbound)
(Note to self, play Earthbound) While Ness and Lucas aren't characters I'd use often, I do think... actually, inclined to believe thanks to a friend of mine who loves the Mother series (I'm getting to it CJ), there are more PK moves that could be used. But like King K Rool, this is a character I'd have to do more research on before making a valid point other then "More Mother and female characters in Smash" (that and I'd like a Earthbound character who isn't just a carbon copy of Ness).

16. Simon Belmont (Castlevania)
We need a Castlevania representative, and like with a later character, compromises nee to be made. While I think Dracula would be a better character to use, if Castlevania was going to get a representative, it's going to be a Belmont, with the easy pick being Simon. Simon could be a decent melee with slight range thanks to his whip and could also use weapons from other Castlevania games. Heck, have Maria as a assist trophy, if not playable.

15. Rayman (Rayman)
The fake leaks, nothing else needs to be said. I do think Rayman could be a interesting fighter thanks to his lack of limbs granting him ranged possibilities and tools from the other Rayman games could be moves. As another Assist trophy idea, hate me if you wish, the raving rabbids.

14. Maxwell (Scribblenauts)
I don't care about what people say, I thought the Scribblenauts games were quite fun, simple, if vague at times, puzzles and you can summon whatever you want so long as you know how to spell it... and it exists in the game... That alone should be enough of a reason to include him. His final smash could even be summoning something powerful from the Scribblenauts games (please let it be Cthulhu). In all seriousness, if you're looking for something simple to play, get Scribblenauts... and a dictionary to help you...

13. Bayonetta (Bayonetta)
No this isn't because of what you may think, I am a designer, not a pervert. Contrary to popular belief, there are people out there who think with their heads, not their pelvis. Sexualized, maybe... probably... though at the very least her personality reflects her design. If you've seen Bayonetta or Bayonetta 2 in action, then you know she can fight. I would personally prefer changes to be made to her animations to keep the PG rating though and that's all I'm going to say on the matter before I get people trying to thought police me on the matter... Why is there someone knocking on my door...

12. Neku Sakuraba and Shiki Misaki (The World Ends With You)
Sorry for the Watermark
(Another game I really have to play). Unlike some people, I actually like the dual character fighters like Ice Climbers, I think it makes them interesting to play and have a lot of possibilities, Neku and Shiki being one possibility. There are two ways I can see them working, mostly thanks to the 3DS. One is kind of like Robin, but they individually have their own move sets to reflect their characters in The World Ends With You, or, something that I'm almost certain wasn't in TWEWY, Turn based. Every time one of them makes an attack, the other takes their spot, which could lead to some great combo potential. This may be considered as transforming, which would mean that they couldn't work due to what Sakurai has previously said on fighters like Pokemon Trainer, but still, it would be interesting at least. Chances are though, they'd be separate, which I wouldn't mind, so long as they were in the game.

11. Mona (Warioware)
Wario, I think we need to talk about your recruitment policies. One sentance summarizes why she should be a fighter: "She's a female Wario"... Ok, in better shape then Wario, but just as greedy (from what I've herd). I'm certain a move pool could be made from the Warioware games, which would make her a proper Warioware representative, making Wario the Wario Land rep.

10. Customer Service (Kirby)
This is my joke character, this guy would be hilarious to play as in Smash bros. I mean, look at him. And if that's not enough, the company he works for, Nightmare Enterprises, giving him a possible moveset of the Kirby "Monsters". But again, look at him, he's perfect for this.

9. Banjo and Kazooie (Banjo and Kazooie)
When you have the head of the X-Box division of Microsoft pretty much giving you permission to use them, why not? I wasn't a N64 kid as a child, so I haven't grown up with the games, let alone play them yet, but I'm certain I could go to any Rare fan and they could give me a possible move set.

8. Shantae (Shantee)
Gee, I wonder who WayForward wants people to vote for... I think they could be a bit more obvious if they tried.
oh, and this: https://twitter.com/hashtag/voteforshantae?src=hash
Shantae is one of the popular picks, so there isn't much I could say that others haven't. Though I think if she gets in, I think Sakurai could go on break and let WayForward handle her development for the game at this rate... In fact I wouldn't be surprised if they haven't already written the code for her alone with set up all her models.

7. Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy)
While I would love for Neku and Shiki to get in, I think if Square Enix was to get a representative, it would be a Final Fantasy character, and who better then Cloud (I would argue Lightning, but I have to pick my battles, and that's one I don't want to fight). While Final Fantasy VII hasn't appeared on a Nintendo console, there have been several Final Fantasy's, before and after, that have. But seriously Square Enix, why isn't Final Fantasy VII on the WiiU at least? Even if its just a download only, please?

6. Professor Hershel Layton (Professor Layton)
While the movepool might be difficult to design, Professor Layton is a "Might as well be a Nintendo Game". Only one game, a spin off game, hasn't been primarily, if not exclusively on a Nintendo DS system. The games themselves, while not system sellers, have enough of a fan base to get featured in Nintendo Directs so the potential is there. I'm sure even a gentleman like himself would make an exception for a chance like this.

5. Phoenix Wright (Ace Attorney)
He has a moveset thanks to Marvel vs Capcom. It can be done. Please do it?

4. Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid)
All that needs to be said is "please put him back in the game".

3. Blaze the Cat (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Sorry Knuckles fans, but I'd rather the cat that brings the heat. Blaze is a fan favorite thanks to her gameplay being similar to Sonic's, but with enough differences to still be unique. She's a Fire manipulator, she can use fire in her attacks. So why not have a ranged, more acrobatic Sonic? Plus, Unlike Knuckles, she actually does her job competently.

2. Isaac and Jenna (Golden Sun)
Another case where I'd rather the two be paired, but work just as well separate. Golden Sun needs better representation then just an Assist Trophy. Both of them have their Psynergy abilities to make move pools for and as a team, they could be deadly, more so then Rosalina and Luma are.

... Why is this list just making me want to play so many of these older games... I wish I had the time right now...

And the Honorable mentions (in no particular order)

5. Kat and Ana (Warioware)

4. Samurai Goroh (F-Zero)

3. Meat Boy (Super Meat Boy)

2. Steel Samurai (Ace Attorney)

1. Ryu (Street Fighter)

Before Number 1, the 5 characters I don't want to see (in no particular order)

5. Geno (Super Mario RPG)
There are a few reasons why I don't want to see Geno. The first being I'd rather see a Final Fantasy representative like Cloud, the second being I haven't played Super Mario RPG (on my to do list) yet due to several reasons (the more obvious one being "before my time") and the other, more realistic reason being: We have Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Bowser Jr, Rosalina and Luma and you can argue Yoshi, Wario and Donkey Kong as Super Mario Representatives (I'm not saying they are, some do). That's 6-9 representatives already. I'll make a exception for Waluigi, but Geno? No thanks!

4. Reggie Fils-Aime/ Any human being (Categorize as you wish)
This is a case where I think the memes should just stay as memes. Humans getting representation in games isn't new, but every time, its been subtle (an example, look at World of Warcraft's Robin Williams reference). I'm using Reggie as he's the one I see the most but I think his influence should just stay as the reference, not the character. I don't care how the Reginator may fight, No John's, and No Reggie's, please?

3. Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
If there are people here who wasn't expecting this to be a thing, then you underestimate the power of the internet. Customer Service excluded, one thing I wanted to keep as a constant for this list is the fact that these characters have official games, with the franchises appearing on Nintendo consoles in some form. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the MLP:FiM series has been limited to web browser/ iOS and Android Micro Transaction games. However, unlike some characters on this list, after reviewing the series, I can actually see a interesting moveset for Twilight, considering what the character has at her disposal (and a few cases of fudging the lore for gameplay). However, the reason why she's here is because she falls outside of the rules I've set for this list, some sort of connection to a Nintendo console. If she was a playable character in a fan game, I'd see how she goes because as a designer, she could be a interesting character, but not for the main series, not for the official games. (Though on a side note, I do like the attention to detail that went into the two main photoshops I've seen, can someone send me a link to the site where this: https://archive.desustorage.org/foolfuuka/boards/mlp/image/1428/26/1428262460156.png is?)

2. Goku (Dragon Ball Z)
 Now we get into fanboy hate territory with this. I have not seen Dragon Ball Z (or anything Dragon Ball for the matter), I have no interest in seeing Dragon Ball Z at the moment. If I was to see Dragon Ball Z, it will be to review it. The only reason why Goku is here is because I am sick of seeing his name in Smash Bros request lists. That's all I can say because again, next to no DBZ knowledge.

1. Ridley (Metroid)
Let the flame wars begin. I'm with Sakurai on this one, Bowser you can change his size and no one would care, his size changes every Super Mario game. Ridley on the other hand, aside from the original Metroid on the NES, has always been MUCH BIGGER then Samus. Making any drastic nerfs to Ridley wouldn't make him Ridley any more. But unlike other people, there is a way I can see him in the game. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to who I've dubbed Adolescent Ridley (because I don't actually know what they officially called it).

Complain all you want, if this was the version of Ridley in Smash 4 as a fighter and Dragon Ridley was the Final Smash, that would be fine. This form has a lot more playability options and it means that you can keep Dragon Ridley overpowered as he would be limited to the Final Smash (and yes, that is from a Metroid Game).

Oh, and another "Fan favorite": Shrek... No, just no.

And the Number 1: 

1.  I do have to make compromises, Agumon
If it was up to me, Terriermon and/ or Lopmon would be the rep, but the better impact would be Agumon. Claws for melee, fire for ranged, and when you've got access to this:
As the Final Smash and the fan reaction possibly being on par to that of when Sonic was unveiled for Brawl, WHY NOT!!! Pikachu vs Agumon. Please Sakurai, let this happen.

So those are my picks (and why I wouldn't pick them) for the Smash Ballot, what are yours? I'll see you guys next week for Transformers Prime.

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