Wednesday, 29 April 2015

A video on random tangents, and maybe a review of Pokmeon Mystery Dungeon: Red and Blue Rescue Team

Late last year, someone I met on Twitter asked if she could join in for this review. Now to those who may be asking, "How do you convey two people in a text review?", my answer would be badly/almost impossible if you saw my review of the five Ace Attorney games (trust me, it works better as a script). So, a new solution was made, and what you are about to see is the first ever Video Review on this site.

I do want to say, thank you to keybug55, who is the second person in this review and the person who recorded the footage of Blue Rescue Team for the DS. You can find her Twitter account here: I also want to give a thank you to falselyprofound, a good friend of mine who drew the closing image.You can find her Tumblr page here: and the image itself on a DeviantArt account I set up for moments like this, specific image can be found here The background music comes from the talented TheGuitahHeroe who does a lot of Pokemon remasters, his Youtube channel can be found here: Most of the footage comes from the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red/ Blue Rescue team games. The two versions are extremely similar, just different layouts due to hardware, along with other scenes that I won't spoil, but all rights go to the owners of them. Without further ado:

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