Friday, 24 April 2015

Opening Impressions/ Season 1 (and some of 2) Review: The Batman: Why? Because he's the Batman

Even before the Nolan films had come out, I highly doubt I’ll be able to go up to anyone, ask them if they’ve heard of Batman and not get a Yes in some form. While this may not be recent, it’s a great way to introduce the other aspect of Opening Impressions, it’s not limited to currently airing seasons, just what I’m currently watching and I’ve got something to say on the matter, so... The Batman.

So for the people who have somehow avoided this story, Bruce Wayne’s parents were killed when he was young. As he grew up, he developed a hatred for crime, eventually using his money and resources to become a vigilante called Batman. By day: millionaire playboy. By night: a crime fighter who terrifies normal villains... which is why the Batman villains are some of the most well known villains in pop culture. The Penguin, Two Face, Catwoman, Clayface, The League of Assassins, The Riddler and, of course, The Joker. The reason I tell you this is because this is also the backstory for this series (I know, big shock).

The art style and music is very similar to Batman: The Animated Series, just updated to include influences of modern day tech. The characters look great in this style but if I can make a minor nitpick, Catwoman's costume looks more like a mouse then it does a cat, though the whip as a tail is a nice touch. Joker now looks like he has some muscle on him now as he looks bulkier and more athletic, not to mention more insane due to the new face and hair design. The Riddler and Penguin look a bit more disturbing, with Penguin's due to the emphesis on the razor teeth and three fingered hands and Riddler, just because he doesn't look healthy. I love the changes to Mr Freeze, with his gun now being replaced with actual freezing powers, some may hate it, I think it works and helps contrast him with Firefly. One complaint I have with the art style though is something that I can assume to be a animation error, what's with the colour changing sky?

At the moment, that's all there is to say, its a five season series and has a lot of room to bring in more iconic DC characters. If you are a Batman fan and haven't watched it, I think you're missing out, especially if you liked The Animated series. One final bit of impressions to get through. Up next: Pixels.

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