Monday, 18 May 2015

M.M.M: The Avengers: Anyone else want a drink?

Iron Man, The Hulk, Black Widdow, Nick Fury, Thor, Hawkeye, Captain America. The team is here, now its time to assemble the team. Five movies (officially) have built up to it, now lets see if the hype paid off. Avengers Assemble!

So what's the plot? The cosmic cube, now officially called The Tesseract, has fallen into Loki's hands thanks to a special scepter he now possesses (I'll explain why later), which turns Hawkeye and Erik Selvig in his "personal flying monkeys". As a result of this, Fury brings together Tony Stark, Bruce Banner (which is a new actor, which is why people think The Incredible Hulk isn't cannon), and Steve Rodgers, to find and retrieve the Tesseract. After capturing Loki in Germany, Loki is "freed" by Thor, who intends to return him and the Tesseract to Asgard. What can be considered a compromise (depending on how you look at it), Loki is brought to the Helicarrier while the search for the Tesseract continues, eventually leading to the Helicarrier sinking in an escape plan and The Hulk fighting Thor and trashing large portions of the Helicarrier in the process. After Loki escapes, Tony Stark figures out his plan, they travel to New York and pretty much the rest of the movie is The Avengers vs Loki's Army, the Chitauri and New York being trashed in the process. Loki is defeated, Thor, Loki and the Tesseract return to Asguard, and Phase 2 begins. Its a big 180 in comparison to Thor's plot, instead of the "I must please father" plot, Loki's plan now is :take over the world because I'm now an a#*^*!)"
The only other thing to mention about the writing is that it does what it needs to do, and it does so with a lot of tongue and cheek to it. There are a lot of funny moments in the movie, which I do genuinely like, the movie's not trying to be as dark as The Dark Knight Trilogy, its just here to have fun. And when your premise is "A billionaire playboy with a high tech suit, a soldier on special steroids, a demi god, a giant green rage monster, a spy and someone who never misses a shot verses another demi god" Why do you need to take it seriously? The characters get a lot of development as well, but none of the backstory, due to the prior films. It does come as a big problem for Black Widow and Hawkeye, who have not had, and currently will not get, a film of their own. Each of the actors play their roles perfectly in this, and I think that humorous nature does help as well.
"You want me to beat you up with two hands tied to a chair? Challenge accepted!"

The animation is also really well done, I think this Hulk is the best to date, but that could just be we get to see it in sunlight some more, and the Helicarrier looks amazing. Now before I get people calling me a hypocrite, I'm still not a fan of the Hydra machines due to their overly sci-fi nature (even if one of them is based on a prototype, thank you trolls I get the hint, I stand by what I said). With the Helicarrier, I'm more inclined to believe its apart of this time, because now we have Arc reactors and Iron Man suits that fit into suitcases. That and the fact that it still looks like what its supposed to. Its a navel carrier with four massive propellers and jet engines (which aren't used to spin the blades). To me, the Helicarrier fits better then the Hydra bomber, escape pod and Red skull's car. Is it still ridiculous? Yes, but again, Arc reactor in a cave (and pretty soon, Pimm Particles, I'll get to it this month I swear). The Chitauri are a bit mediocre overall in terms of design, but they're in the movie for so little time (and are there to die), I can let it slide.
"Take off, at the speed of sound"

The music is a bit of a combination of all the films, with a bit more of a lean towards Captain America, due to the fact that the music stands out with gorgeous orchestral pieces. I genuinely love this soundtrack, I wish I had it on my iPod (maybe after I'm done with this review, if its on iTunes). That's pretty mch all there is to say on the movie, up next: Iron Man 3.

One final thing, there are two things that come in mind when I see this next screenshot
And what they are, well...


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