Wednesday, 13 May 2015

M.M.M: Thor: "FOR ASGARD!!!"

So four of the Avengers have been established. Tony Stark, the Invincible Iron Man. Bruce Banner, also known as The Hulk, Natasha Romanov. Natalia "Natasha" Romanova: the Black Widow, and depending on how you want to look at it: Director Nick Fury. Three more are still to be introduced, however, we don't have to look far for two of them. For the Prince of Thunder's debut film has a few secrets to it, time to take a look at Thor.
Minor detour, but I swear this reminds me of most of the Ace Attorney box arts

So the Prince of thunder is slightly arrogant... well that might be putting it lightly. Regardless, after being rescued by his father, Thor is banished to earth due to his recklessness almost got one of his friends killed in an attack on the Frost Giants home world (who's name I cannot remember, let alone spell it). Until Thor becomes worthy of his power and title, he cannot posses his hammer:
Mjölnir. In the mean time, Jane Foster, Erik Selvig, and Darcy Lewis are researching what they would eventually discover to be the Bifrost, a bridge that connects the Nine Realms, and in the process, running over a now powerless Thor. While Thor learns how to show some humility and in tern, become a better king, Loki, has used the Odin sleep to take the throne and try to prove himself as Thor's equal, by killing every Frost Giant in sight. This back fires as Thor returns, a fight ensures, Thor destroys the Bifrost in order to save the realms, and Loki "dies" in the process by falling to his death. You'll see what I mean next week (unless you see Thor to completion). I honestly don't know what to say on this plot, as its quite well woven, but it feels like its padded out, even though I can't explain how. People say the movie is boring, which I can see why, I do think it has enough in it to hold people's attention, seeing as it does have several comedic moment, in a way of Twilight getting used to a human form is, it's that same style, but Thor does it more of a Slapstick... kinda.
"And people won't know who I am until the next movie I'm in"
I love the CGI work in this movie, Asgard looks beautiful in this movie, I would even go so far as to say its one of the best CGI worlds I've seen in film so far. It looks royal, peaceful, but at the same time, it has that "forged in fire" feel to it. Unfortunately though, that's where my praise of the CGI ends. The Frost Giants look like they've been pulled out of Cameron's Avatar, shaved and given ice powers. When I think of Frost Giants, I think of them being giants for one thing, and with a little bit more of an Ice feel to them, not just men painted blue. Their home world looks ok, but its just a world made of Ice, what is there to say on the matter? The final battle with Thor and Loki is blatantly CG, however its so comical for its shear stupidity at times, I can let it slide.
"I swear this is my death sceeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The music a bit forgettable as well, mostly atmospheric that blends into the story, which it does well, but nothing stood out either. At least with the Iron Man films, the ACDC music did add something in terms of stand out music, still not a fan of ACDC so for me it renders it mute. The movie as a whole is better then people give it credit for. It does the job it needs to do and does it quite well, most people have a problem with the fact that its job isn't a good job. But with that, Thor and Hawkeye are in the MCU, so come Friday, we go to a time when none of them were born, to get introduced to Captain America: The First Avenger.

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