Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Opening Impressions: Legends of Chima

Well, to be fair, evolution makes a bit more sense here then it does in other things I know, like the Archie sonic universe, the adult link timeline in Legend of Zelda, some Pokemon evolutions... come to think about it, a lot of the things make you question the theory of evolution. So, three episodes of the show have been put onto LEGO's youtube channel (or at least three are on there and more are being lost to Youtube's dumb autoplay system). So thanks to some curiosity via LEGO Dimensions (Eris is a go to character for me along with Supergirl), lets delve into the first three episodes of LEGO's Legends of Chima.

The first thing that comes to mind when I see this is that it feels "Abridged", if you would. It feels like it would be a 5 minute youtube video in an abridged series, where the characters are comedic shells of the real characters, the plots are rushed, and it exists for the joke. I'm honestly trying to think of more to say but that is the best way to put it. The first two episodes feel like they were four at one point. One being a story on how the tribes became what they are, two dedicated to the fall of the Lions and Crocodiles relations, and then the big battle. What we get is just a lot of questions which may get answered later on, but weren't answered here. For some shows the mystery is intended, like in Gravity Falls. But the difference is that all the questions led up to a bigger picture, while still giving viewers a solid base to work off. Here, the main villain is Cragger's sister Crooler, who I had to look up because I don't recall her being named in the show itself, using a flower's pollen and smell to control her brother. First: Why is she doing this? Second: If she had those flowers, why didn't she do it to the former rullers, her parents? Third: What are the limitations of this flower? Forth: Where is she getting it from? And this is just me focusing on the damm flower!

The reason I had to delay this is mainly for the characters, they so generic. The only three that I remember the names for are Larvel, Cragger and Eris, and I'm struggling to see if its because of Dimensions, or the show itselt. Larval is a generic main protagonist: Young, brash, takes stupid risks, lets his emotions control him, ect ect. Cragger's basically the same, but he's an idiot to add insult to injury and Eris... is kinda just there for these three episodes. Even Larval's generic father does more then Eris does. I know this probably gets better as the show goes on, or at least I hope it does, but I can only review what I've seen, and what I've seen, isn't that good. This goes to the animation and sound work, I know this is going to sound stupid, but it feels like a commercial rather then a TV show. Let me explain what I mean because on the surface, that sounds stupid. "Of course it does" I hear you say, "It's meant to sell the sets." I know, what I was reffering to was the style of the animation. If you look at any recent Lego set commercial, you can see that there is a CG component of it, that CG component, at least for minifig focused sets, I can't confirm for mini dolls like in the Friends and Elves line for example. I wouldn't be surprised if this was the same team that does those comercials, or at least a team who has access to those rigs and tools. Using G1 BIONICLE and its movies as an example (as I can't claim to know anything about Hero Factory). There is a clean difference between the animation for the movies, and the animation for the commercials. for Chima, I don't get that feeling, I don't see enough of a difference. That's what I mean when I say it feels like a comercial.

Is it good? It might, but the first three episodes suck thanks to being badly paced writing, mediocre characters and a bland art style, which is sad because the concept is about humanoid animals who drive vehicles based on their animal species. I shouldn't need to be saying that! But with a opening impression like this, I canm see why there's no Chima level, only an adventure world. Next is going to be a review, somethign fitting for the season. I think I've found a perfectly scary movie, the scarriest of 2016 even. Happy Haloween

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