Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Pokemon Adventures Yellow Arc: Destroying the Pokemon World before it was cool You asked for this, and now we're going to be doing this until September next year, and probably coming back to it once new arcs are finished, but thankfully that takes a while. And we're doing it in order because it is a story that, for the most part, follows a standard timeline in order of the games release. this is going to be fun, so shall we see how Kanto has gotten on two years after Red won the Pokemon League?

Well, Red's missing. He was challenged by the Elite Four member Bruno, by technicality, and was frozen in ice by Lorelei. Pika being the only one to escape. Pika fled to Pallet Town and arrived at Professor Oak's door badly injured. Pika was followed by Amarillo del Bosque, or as most people call "him", Yellow. After some convincing, Yellow teams up with Pika to try and find Red. However, more is at play here, for the Elite Four want Pika to, to leave no survivors. They believe the balance of the world isn't in favor of Pokemon, that humans are destroying the enviorment, as such, Lorelei, Agitha and Lance plan to basically kill everyone, level every city with the power of a very familiar, soon to appear bird Pokemon from accross the mountains. Leading to a battle on two fronts. Brock, Misty and Erika trying to protect the main land from the Pokemon armies of the Elite 4, while Yellow, Green, Blue, Blaine, Bill, eventually Red along with the evil gym leaders of Team Rocket (L.T Surge, Koga, Sabrina and even Giovani) teaming up to defeat the main members of the Elite Four (I don't really count Bruno in this, as he's more played as a pawn). While R/B/G felt rushed, being only three books, for what it is, Yellow is better paced. It's slower then the first three books, and with the focus solely on stopping the Elite four, it feels more focused, while setting the stage further for the next arc. You also get more of a foreboding feeling from the Elite Four then you do from Team Rocket, though that may be because while Team Rocket was more of a threat in the last arc, its still Team Rocket and if you're like me, you find it hard to take them seriously. The Elite Four on the other hand, they use pokemon to level cities DCCU style, with the intent on killing people. See the difference?

I'm not going to go into the art style for this one, and I probably won't going forward, what I said for R/B/G basically holds true for everything going forward in this series. As for the arc itself, it is more interesting then the first arc, as it is entirely its own story. All that's reused is characters, nothing in terms of structure, enemies and more are the same as the games. It is one of the best for me. Not the best, but up there. Pardon me while I get ready for Sunday's review, as I'm going back to the past for the next TF toy review, to a character I wished I owned as a kid, and literally just got today at time of writing. See you then.

Before I close, I will detail how the rest of this is going to work. I seperate them into distinctive arcs, so the schedule for them will be:

  • Gold/ Silver/ Crystal in November
  • Ruby/ Sapphire in December
  • Fire Red/ Leaf Green in January
  • Emerald in February
  • Diamond and Pearl in March
  • Platinum in April
  • Heart Gold/ Soul Silver in May
  • Black/ White in June
  • Black 2/ White 2 in July
  • X/Y in August
  • Omega Ruby/ Alpha Sapphire (if its done by then which I think it will be) in September
This is what happens when one arc is done a month, at least this isn't the colossus that is the Pokemon Anime, you'd only get one review a month from me if I did that season by season.

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