Sunday, 16 October 2016

Transformers Prime First Edition Deluxe Class Starscream: Someone's been looking after their figure...

I've gotten a few more Facebook purchase characters, and this one just happens to be the one I've got with me right now, so lets take a look at one of the earliest Transformers Prime characters. It was either going to be this or Cybertron Wing Saber, I'd rather not let childhood fantasy take over two weeks in a row.

Starting with the jet mode, and with the exception of a bit of undercarriage for his legs, this is one very nice looking jet mode. I should say while it is a lot of undercarriage for a jet this size, it still isn't robot under a jet syndrome, so in comparison, to me its a bit. However said robot kibble does take away the sleek look when looking at it from any direction other then from the top, his hips do unfortunately make up quite the aerodynamic breaking wall. What's personally annoying is that I do get a bit of enjoyment from finding gerwalk modes for jetformers, but you can't really do one for Starscream here as his hips are always attached to the nosecone of the jet. To the jetformer fans, there's also no real landing gear, just nubs on his feet and top of his pelvis. Still it is a nice jet mode, now onto the robot mode.
Yes this is from Optibotamis' review, it was the best picture I could find

And Starscream has been looking after his figure. So much so that I question if he's been eating right. Don't get me wrong, he is show accurate, but that still stands as he's like that in the show. Thin, lanky, you wouldn't believe he was the second in command, would you? On the plus side, lanky bots tend to have more posability, and Starscream is no exception. Full range of unhindered motion on the ball joint for the head, moveable wings, a inner hinge on his elbow to not only get a 90 degree bend, but also move inward to do things like bowing poses. Even the toes and heals of... well basically his boots can move up and down too. CJ was actually messing around with it today as I only just got it at time of writing, and got it into some very nice ice skating poses. He has the body for it, and if I can't get a gerwalk, I'll take ice skating poses. Now if only there was a accessory for him to have the scooty pop junior he used in the show. I still love that shot.

I joke around with this, but for my first TF:Prime figure, it's been a blast to mess around with him. It's simple, yet smart, the transformation between the two modes is very original, and the two modes are fun to mess around with. Any flaws I have with the look are more from the design in the show, not the toy itself. It is a bit hard to find nowadays, but if you just want the mold, then there have been repaints of it, so pick one you like. For now, I leave you to work on a private project, along with the review of the A-Team.

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