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LEGO Dimensions Year 3 wishlist

So with Year 2 about to start, and people voicing in with what they want to see in a potential Year 3, I thought it might be fun to voice my own opinions on this idea, with what I'd like to see in Year 3. Will most of these happen, I doubt it for several different reasons. This is not meant to be taken as fact, this is just some ideas that, if possible, I'd like to see. This is my notes for this post though, as time constraints due to IRL work, and projects for here have been eating up a lot of my free time. I did want to add MoC pictures from what I can do in a piece of software called LEGO Digital Designer, to be some visual material for the post, but sadly time got the better of me. I do want to build them though, and once I get the time, I'll try my hand at them and upload them for you all to see, along with any ideas you may have. I did try to limit franchises, and I capped possibilities, in terms of age rating to M at the oldest (being the Australian equivalent of a PG-13 in terms of ESRB), as that's what looks to be the rule for the real sets and game. In terms of naming, the structure is type of pack (contents in terms of minifigs and first build)

Star Wars
·         Episode 8 Story Pack (Rey, Millennium Falcon, Episode 8 themed Portal build)
·         Luke Skywalker Fun Pack (Luke, X-Wing)
·         Finn Fun pack (Finn, Tie Fighter)
·         Darth Vader Fun Pack (Darth Vader, Star Destroyer)
·         Kylo Ren Fun Pack (Kylo Ren, Kylo’s Ship)
·         Obi-Wan Level Pack (Clone Wars) (Obi Wan, Jedi Interceptor, Republic Gunship)
·         Captain Rex Fun Pack (Captain Rex, AT-TE)
Steven Universe
·         Steven Story Pack (Steven Universe, Lion, Teleporter Portal build)
·         Peridot Fun Pack (Peridot, Hand ship)
·         Connie fun pack (Connie, Greg Universe’s van)
Marvel superheroes
·         Nick Fury Story Pack (Nick Fury, S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarier, Helicarier Control Room Portal build)
·         Captain America and Iron Man Team Pack (Captain America, Quinjet, Iron Man, Hulkbuster armor)
·         Ant Man fun Pack (Ant Man, Anthony)
·         Spider man Fun pack (Spiderman, Spider-Mobile)
·         Black Widow and Hawkeye Team Pack (Black Widow, Hovercar, Hawkeye, Hover Bike)
DC roster
·         Starfire and Robin team pack (Starfire, T-Ship, Robin, R-Cycle)
·         Green Arrow and Supergirl team pack (Green Arrow, Arrow car, Supergirl, Krypto)
·         Flash fun Pack (The Flash, Cosmic Treadmill)
·         Green Lantern Fun pack (Green Lantern, Fighter plane)
·         Optimus Prime and Megatron Team Pack (Optimus Prime mini fig, Optimus Prime Truck mode, Megatron Minifig, Megatron’s Tank mode) 
·         Daniel Level Pack (Daniel Witwicky, Hot Rod’s vehicle mode, Galvatron’s Cannon mode)
·         Steve Level pack (Steve, Ender Dragon, Minecart)
 Nexo Knights (One I still need to work on, I know nothing about Nexo Knights)
·         Clay level pack
·         Ava fun pack
·         Axl Fun pack
·         Jestro fun pack
·         Tahu Level pack (Tahu, Exo Toa, Gukko Bird)
·         Matoro Fun pack (Matoro, Toa Terrain Crawler)
·         Mata Nui and Makuta Teridax Team Pack (Mata Nui, Thornatus V9, Teridax, Rakshi)
·         Red Story Pack Pack (Red, Mewtwo, Pokemon Centre Portal build)
·         Cynthia Fun Pack (Cynthia, Garchomp)
·         Professor Oak Fun Pack (Professor Oak, Pokedex)
·         Ruby and Sapphire Team Pack (Brendan, Groudon, May, Kyogre)
·         Sun and Moon Team Pack (Male protagonist, Sogaleo, Female protagonist, Lunal
Ben 10
·         Ben Tenneson level pack (Ben, Rustbucket, Omnitrix)
·         Gwen Tenneson fun pack (Gwen, Charmcaster’s Bag)
Men in Black
·         Agent K and Agent J Team Pack (Agent K, Monocycle, Agent J, Ford P.O.S)
·         Mickey Mouse Level pack (Mickey Mouse, Mickey’s car, Steamboat)
·         Elsa fun Pack (Elsa, Snow Golem
·         Hiro Fun Pack (Hiro, Beymax)
·         Aladdin Fun pack (Aladdin, Carpet)
·         Stich (Stich, Stich’s ship)
Indiana Jones
·         Indiana Jones Level pack (Indiana Jones, Seaplane, mark VII Tank)

 Warner Brothers Cartoons
·         Bugs Bunny level pack (Bugs Bunny,
·         Yakko Warner Level pack (Yakko Warner, Animaniacs Balloon,
·         Buster Bunny level pack (Buster Bunny,
·         Daffy Duck Fun pack (Daffy Duck,
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
·         Leonardo Level pack (Leornardo, Party Wagon, Turtle Mech)
·         Shredder Fun pack (Shredder, Technodrome
·         Kraang (Kraang, Kraang’s Stealth Ship)
Pirates of the Caribbean
·         Captain Jack Sparrow Story Pack (Jack Sparrow, Black Pearl, PoTC 5 themed portal)
·         Will Turner Fun Pack (Will Turner, Inteceptor)
Star Trek
·         Captain Kirk Level pack (Captain Kirk, U.S.S Enterprise, Shuttle)
·         Spock Fun Pack (Spock, The Jellyfish)
·         Fred Flintstone Fun Pack (Fred, Flintstone’s car)
·         George Jetson Fun Pack (George, Jetson’s car)
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
·         Twilight Sparkle Level Pack (Twilight Sparkle, Equestria Train, Canterlot Portal)
·         Pinkie Pie Fun Pack (Pinkie Pie, Party Cannon)
·         Nintendo Level Pack (Mario, B-Dasher, Nitrocycle)
·         Bowser fun Pack (Bowser, Koopa Clown Car)
·         Link and Zelda Team Pack (Link, Epona, Zelda, Spirit Train)
·         Samus Fun Pack (Samus, Gunship)
·         Kirby Fun Pack (Kirby, Dragoon)
·         Kirby Team Pack (King Dedede, Warp Star, Meta Knight, Halbird)

·         Tai Story pack (Tai, Wargreymon, Izzy’s computer portal build)
·         Matt Fun pack (Matt, Garurumon)
·         Rika Fun pack (Rika, Renamon)
·         Tk and Kairi Team Pack (Tx, Angemon, Kairi, Angewomon)
Sonic the Hedgehog
·         Tails and Knuckles team pack (Tails, Tornado mech, Knuckles, Knuckle’s quad bike)
·         Amy fun pack (Amy Rose, Amy’s car)
·         Eggman Fun pack (Dr Eggman, Egg mobile)
Team Fortress
·         Heavy and Medic Team pack (Heavy, Turret, Medic, Dispenser)
·         Tracer Fun pack (Tracer, The Slipsteam)
·         Scott Tracy Story pack (Scott, Thunderbird 1, Tracy Island portal build)
·         Virgil and Gordon Tracy team pack (Virgil, Thunderbird 2, Gordon, Thunderbird 4)
·         Alan and John Team Pack (Alan, Thunderbird 3, John, Thunderbird 5)
·         Fry level pack (Fry, Planet Express ship, Delivery box)
Gravity Falls
·         Gravity Falls Team Pack (Dipper, S.S Cool Dude, Mabel, Rocket cart)
·         Gruncle Stan fun pack (Stan, Shacktron)
Star vs the Forces of Evil
·         Star Butterfly Level pack (Star Butterfly, Royal Stagecoach, Jackie’s skateboard)
·         Ang story pack (Ang, Appa, Wind temple portal build)
·         Korra fun pack (Korra, Naga)
Halo (Red vs Blue)
·         Master Chief Level pack (Masterchief, Warthog, Ghost)
Blues Brothers
·         Blues Brothers team pack (Elwood, Bluesmobile, Jake, SWAT Van)
Mega Man
·         Mega Man Level Pack (Mega Man, Rush, Ride Chaser)
·         Roll Fun Pack (Roll, The Flutter)
·         Dr Wily Fun Pack (Dr Wily, Wily Capsule)

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