Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Another update, going into the month of June. What to expect from Blaster's Reviews and Turnabout Smash

So what's the plan for June on Blaster's reviews?

Transformers Marathon: The first review is halfway done and planned to go live Monday 2nd of June with 11 reviews planned for the marathon, it might go into July but most of the reviews will be in June.
E3: While I won't be going to E3 (maybe someday...) I will be doing impressions of the trailers that interest me in some form and the press conferences (all of them). I doubt that they will go up the moment after the press conferences finish as I live in a different time zone and chances are, some of the conferences will happen while I'm asleep, I will get them up as soon as I can.

And what about the story on Turnabout Smash? The prologue chapter is in proof reading and work has begun on the next two chapters (thanks to a second writer). I'm hoping to go into production during June but that depends on the proof reading and producers (including myself).

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