Saturday, 4 July 2015

First Impressions: Equestria Girls; Friendship Games. "Oh no, not again"

When I made the content montage, I intended it to show off all my content for July as well, with an updated version for the end of the year showing off the August-December content as well... and then I wake up Friday morning to see this has been unveiled... well because I got a request to review the movie (and I needed an excuse to do the next first Impressions after this), lets see what this trailer has. The first impressions of the third Equestria Girls Movie, Friendship games. To the people who saw my main stage presentation at the Tech Games Fest, as I said in the Facebook page, I swear I'm not a brony.

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Which is why I'm starting off with something that, to me, is a negative. While I let the first Equestria Girls movie off with the similarities, and there weren't any in Rainbow Rocks, I'm getting way to many connections to High School Musical with this, due to the sporting theme (which reminds me, we've gone from first day at a new school/ winning the title of "prom queen" (something I'm glad wasn't a big deal at the high school I went to, to the point where it didn't happen), to battle of the bands, to basically Saturday morning sport turned into a mini Olympics). So long as there's no Basketball, I'll be fine.

So the plot, because thankfully, this trailers actually tell us about the movie unlike Fantastic 4's trailer. A sports competition between Canterlot High and Crystal Prep Academy (oh I can see the bad jokes from here with that name) is happening at the main school. The school arrives with the human version of Twilight Sparkle, revealed at the end of Rainbow Rocks in a post credits scene, is shown to be a student and a member of the new school's team. While the competition is happening, rifts between the human and pony world start appearing, causing chaos in the competition, all because of Human Twilight. Ok, while nowhere near the horribleness of High School Musical in terms of plot, I'm not entirely sold on this plot yet.

So what sports do we have available, now I know what you're thinking, there's probably the usual 100-400m, long jump, high jump ect. And you maybe right, but right now you'd be wrong. So far we have Ice Hockey, Extreme Rodeo (maybe), street traffic control, Extreme welding (these three are more based on costumes rather then actual appearances), Grid Iron (or to the US audience, your football) a Biathlon with Hurdles made of hey bails and an Archery section (might be a Triathlon or larger), Motocross and Roller Derby. And All I could pick from for summer seasons were Summer Hockey, Table Tennis, Tennis, Cricket, Volleyball, Swimming and Badminton. Who the heck picked these sports... Oh yeah, toy company...

Final verdict? Even without the request to review it, this trailer has gotten me curious, nothing about it got me excited and with the band at the start, it actually made me cautious (though that could be because I have to resist the temptation to take a sledgehammer to every bit of High School Musical merchandise I see, it's a nervous tick now). I'm curious to see how it goes, seeing as it has to go off the back of Rainbow Rocks. Though at least its not a reboot with a stupid name, unlike the next first impressions because I balance this series in order not to loose my head. Up next before the AVGN movie (check the montage), Terminator Genesis (because Genisys is a stupid way to spell it).

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