Wednesday, 15 July 2015

First Impressions: Batman vs Superman, Dawn of Justice: "So these red capes you talk about..."

As with what I did a few months ago for Age of Ultron, I intend to do a DC marathon to cover, not just the subject of this, but the other "DCCU" film, and what's coming out in a few hours on here, Suicide Squad (First impressions, not review. Do you think that someone who sucks at timely reviews overall, and is a nobody in comparison to others would get something like that this early?). But for now, the start of the flood of content for today, because I'm insane. Part one of six in today's marathon of content, because I'm insane (I'll check myself into Arkham later): Batman vs Superman.

 Set after the Michael Baying of Metropolis by Superman and General Zod
No I won't

Anyway, its safe to say that the world is a bit scared of Superman, and a little pissed that he'd let Michael Bay tell him and Zod how to fight. Because of this, Bruce Wayne has been inspired to don the cape again and return to the streets as Batman, at least how these trailer portrays it and as such, we see the two duke it out, hopefully not with the symbolism being talked about in the background because I trust we're smarter then that... Oh and Wonder Woman is there as well... You see, the movie itself doesn't have a lot to talk about yet that is absolute, if you're going off these trailers. However, if you are unaware, in true Hollywood style, as some love to mention, this is based on another movie, which is based on a comic, The Dark Knight Returns. However, this movie seems to be doing everything it can to separate the two, which I can respect, as its telling the same story, but with a new twist.

Nothing really stands out with the visuals, its what I was expecting from something like this and with WB's live action policy of "No fun", dark visuals were a given. Though there is one thing that these trailers keep bringing attention to, the graffiti, and right now, I'm not 100% sure why. Granted, I know why its there, thanks to what Graffiti represents, but I have no idea why its being pitched as an important part of the film.

At the rate I'm going with today, I'm hoping there's something anyone can at least enjoy. Thank you Comic con for the news dumb, as it'll teach me to release a schedule of content for July. See you all in a few hours for the other big DC film of 2016, Suicide Squad.

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