Sunday, 5 July 2015

First Impressions: Terminator Genisys (Genesis): Looks like Arnie's seen better days

While I have plans to cover the full series eventually, quick summary of the Terminator movies: AI becomes self aware, and decides to nuke the planet and kill all the human survivors because "it's an as*&%@!". Because said AI, known as Skynet, is absolutely horrible at strategy, it builds a Time Machine to send what are known as Terminators to go back in time to try and change history in their favor, by wiping the leader of the Human Resistance, John Connor, out of the timeline. This backfires due to 80's film logic and the fact that Skynet went to the Princes Hilda school for management, and will fail you in every way (I will get to Link Between Worlds eventually). The day is saved by either a member of the resistance who went back in time to stop the machine from being an as#$()! or a reprogrammed Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator. Congratulations, you know know the plot to the first three Terminator movies. And why am I telling you this? Because we're about to rewrite that history entirely, welcome to Terminator Geni... you know what, screw it, I hate that spelling, I'm writing it as its actual spelling: Terminator Genesis.

Quick note, I'm going to be focusing on the second Trailer moreso then the first, if you watch the following video on Youtube, it will give you the link to the first one.

So what appears to be a prequel to the first film is revealed to be a reboot, the events of the first three films have been rewritten, they do not exist. A T-800 comes back in time to kill Sarah Connor, John's mother, and its up to Kyle Reese, Sarah Connor and Arnie reprising his role as the T-600 Terminator to stop the T-800 and a robotized John Connor, because someone in the marketing department thought it would be a good idea to spoil a moment like that, along with attempting to stop Judgement day, which is when Skynet nukes the planet... What's that? You want more? Unfortunatly the Terminator series isn't know for its complex plots, this is a series formed in the 80's after all, and when you get complex plots, you get Terminator Salvation, which I'll save for when I review the other films.

The CG is about on par with other action films, this isn't doing anything that hasn't been seen before, and in one case, reused from a prior movie (lets just say there's a reason why I named the T-800). The same can be said for the music. My one problem with this is in the title of this post, unlike in Terminator Salvation, this is the real Arnold Schwarzenegger, and he's aged. I'm willing to bet most of his appearances in this, mainly for the action scenes which this will have (no I haven't seen it yet, hence why this is based on only the trailers, I haven't even seen reviews of this), it'll be a CG Arnie. There's going to come a time where these films won't have him in them, so why not do the reboot without him?

Anyway, that's it for this, I'll see you on Monday for the AVGN Movie.

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