Wednesday, 15 July 2015

First Impressions: Five Nights at Freddy's 4: "I CALLED IT, I F$(#*@! CALLED IT!!!"

If you don't want a jump scare, don't watch the trailer. 

People who know me personally know that I don't gloat very often, I'm a smart ass, but I'm not a very smug person. Even when I was dealing with the trolls months ago, while my words could be taken many ways, my intention was never to gloat. There will be times where I am, but that's few and far between more often then not. This is one of those times where I am and I'll relish in it. A bit of back story, I have a schedule of what I intend to review and when, updating it throughout the year with any changes due to timing, opportunities or adding in content that isn't a review, like all these impressions. After doing the Red and Blue Rescue Team review, I sent a schedule out to some of my friends, including Marissa, letting them know what I had planned and if they want to join me for anything. One of those is the Five Nights at Freddy's series, as a Halloween review. Now this game was first teased at the time so some of them said "don't do it yet because this game is coming out then". My response at the time was "I'm going to go ahead with it, lumping that in if I think that my views on the series also affect it", even though it would have been released that day. However, and this was reflected on my Twitter in a conversation I had with Marissa, I knew this game wouldn't be an October release. And who was right? Anyway, Five Nights at Freddy's 4.

So we've gone from an old restaurant, to an older, yet nicer restaurant (I need something to talk about so yes, I'm delving into theories), to a theme park attraction that looks like its intending to screw with every single building code regulation you can think of... to a house... huh? I'm genuinely confused by this change, because I don't know what you can do with it. Unless you're finally going to be able to play as a character that's not trying to do a Steven Hawking impersonation around killer robots and you remember "Oh yeah, I can walk around too". The other thing about it is "why do you have the animatronics as toys?" And even then, you see life size versions of Foxy and Bonnie at least in the trailer, WHY WOULD ANYONE HAVE THESE THINGS IN THEIR HOUSE? I know its a trope of horror that the good guys use... questionable logic... but there is no logic in this, as it looks like this is happening either during or after FNAF 3, where everyone knew the legend around these robots.

And yes, I'm literally writing this to question the setting, and to gloat, those are the only reasons why. There's nothing really to talk about the trailer itself, as all it does is show we're playing as someone who clearly hates themselves, using a trailer that, while maybe in game, feels like its a CGI trailer as it doesn't cover the gameplay and throwing in a jump scare so that you know its a FNAF game. See you soon, as I just remembered I have three more E3 games to cover, up next: Transformers Devastation. What, you thought all of these would be doom and gloom?

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