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Opinion Piece (?): Star Wars solo film ideas

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With the financial success of Rogue One, that means we're getting even more solo movies based in the Star Wars universe. But, who could be good characters to hold up an entire movie? Well, while I don't know much about Legends, I know quite a few characters, both in cannon and in legends, that could make for some interesting movies. Care to find out who?

I should note, while these are numbered, they aren't in an order of "who I want to see more". Like I said, this is an ideas post, to see if anyone else is interested. None of these are fleshed out, as they all focus on a general idea you could do for a story with these characters.

1. Darth Bane 

"All you need from me is a head shot and nothing else"
While apart of the unfinished season of Clone Wars, Darth Bane is in cannon, as the Sith that made the Rule of Two, the rule that says that there is only one master, and one apprentice... not counting things like Sith Assassins and the like. I could easily see a story based on him taking place in a galaxy that has hundreds of Sith, where the enemy isn't just the Jedi, but fellow Sith as well. There could even be an Attack of the Clones esque battle with hundreds of Jedi vs Hundreds of Sith. Tell me that wouldn't be great to see!

2. Commander Gregor

"I swear the scar ink on my helmet isn't the amount of scars I have"
The luckiest Clone in the army. Gregor has survived more battles then anyone should be able to, including a battle that was basically a republic slaughtering ground, and blowing up a shuttle depo full of a very explosive material, with him still inside. He also developed amnesia, possibly twice in a row, and is insane now based on an episode with him in Rebels. Well, how did he get back to the Republic from the shuttle depo explosion? You could do a movie based on him planet hopping to get back to republic space, give some variety to the styles of Star Wars movies. It would be smaller, focused more on the journey rather then battles, but you could always have flashbacks to his battles, maybe in a way that makes you question which one is the real story?

3. Captain Rex

"Mark 1 helmets look better anyway"
The captain of the 501st unit in the Republic army, often deployed into almost impossible situations. What if you took that and turned it into a movie. Focused on one battle, one planet, and the push to trying to take the planet from the Seperatists. It could be a good chance to do a "War is hell" kind of movie, which while yes you could do with Gregor, Gregor leaves you chances of changing the story bit by bit to have a tone that is intentionally all over the place. This could be a "set in stone, this actually happened" battle. And hey, it'll be easier to CGI humans in if said humans are wearing helmets all the time, right?

4. Ahsoka Tano

Went for the older, Rebels look for the picture
A fan favorite in the Clone Wars and Rebels, the padawan of Anakin Skywalker has a lot of potential for stories. It could be based on her training before becoming a Padawan, her time in the Clone Wars, it could be based on the Ahsoka book that tells of how she survived Order 66, or how she escaped the Sith Temple after her battle with Vader. There are lots of options with her and she could be used in either the Prequel or Original Trillogy eras, so there's lots of possibilities.

5. Emperor Palpatine 

"Come to the Dark side, I have cookies"
Two words, Origin story. While with Bane, you could focus on the change from the old Sith order to his new one, Palpatine's could be based on how he became the powerful Sith that he is. The teachings of the Sith, how the "chosen one" seeds were planted to become Order 66, how he became a senator. One thing that Marcus brought up which I think would be really important for it (we were talking about Star wars movie ideas while I was writing the Rogue One review, and I mentioned that a story he'd been thinking of would work well as a Sideous origin story, sparking this whole post) is that his name wouldn't be revealed until the end of the movie. A whole movie where he's never refereed to as Palpatine or Sideous, and by continuation, same as his master, Darth Plagueis. Just leaving little hints for die hard Star Wars fans to spot before closing the movie saying his name was Sheev Palpatine (I looked it up, yes that's his first name).

6. Sabine Wren

Yes, this is one of her designs, she changes hair colours every season. I think this is Season 1
While a lot of the Ghost Crew could be great in a movie (particularly Zeb, rebels fans probably know why and what his movie would be about), the reason I point to Sabine specifically is because there is one planet that has played a big part in the Star Wars mythos, but hasn't been in a live action movie yet. Mandalore. If you think I'm kidding. Jango Fett and his clone son Bobba Fett, along with the entire clone army, are all Mandalorian as Jango is Mandalorian. So how come we haven't spent any time on the planet yet? Not to mention, Sabine has said in Rebels that she helped make weapons for the Empire, weapons that were used on the Mandalorians, and that was why she left and became a Rebel. Now that I've said that, am I the only one who's a little curious as to what happened?

7. Darth Traya

"You have nothing on me Grevious, I've been doing the 4 lightsaber thing since before you were born"
I openly admit with this one that I know next to nothing about her. But what I can do is link you to this: and to and say that this era before the prequels would be really interesting to see brought back into cannon, some of the time before it already is if you keep up with the Dark Saber.

8. Star Killer

I openly admit I like the idea of dual wield lightsabers

No, not the planet, Vader's secret apprentice, and a very, very, VERY powerful force user. Unfortunately I don't know what kind of a plot his movie would take. I just want to see how creative someone gets with what could be done with the Force. He pulled a Star Destroyer out of orbit and crashed it into a planet (at least in trailers, can't remember if he did it in game), who wouldn't want to see someone that powerful?

9. Grand Admiral Thrawn

"Prepare my shuttle, I'm going to an art exhibition"
He, is no Jedi. He is not a Sith. He's not even a force user in any way, shape or form. But, in the Imperial Navy, his name strikes as much fear into his enemies as Vader's does. Once he knows how to defeat you, he won't just defeat you physically, he'll break your very spirit by showing how powerful the Imperial Navy can be with many almost perfect plans, as he takes into account as much of the "human factor" as he can. You see now why he deserves a movie?

10. Abeloth

This isn't from a creepypasta, this is how she was described. And hey, at least she fits the criteria for a tentacle monster in the movies!

As a star in a movie, she might not work. But as a villain in a movie... Before I get people going "OMG YOU THINK WOMEN CAN'T LEAD MOVIES YOU SEXIST!!!" First, look at the rest of this list. Second, I don't think that at all, I think they can, just that their characters seem to be very hit or miss, it depends on the context. I just don't think Abeloth would work as a lead because she's basically a Force Demigod. Same point for Starkiller applies here, as I think they could do a lot with the character and her powers. If she was the lead, it would be before she became Abaloth, where she was "the mother" (Look up the Mortis arc in Clone wars for the cannon versions of her "family", even though she is a Legends character).

11. Darth Revan

And he fits the criteria for "dark side user dressed in all black with helmet"

He almost made it into Clone Wars, the Mandelorian war as a concept is now cannon thanks to Rebels. He is coming, and he deserves a movie... unfortunately like Traya, I need to do more research into him before coming up with ideas for how to do a movie on him (is it clear yet that I know next to nothing about Legends?)

Some of these I admit I need to know more about before coming up with better things to say then "I just want them". If anyone reading this knows more about them and have ideas on stories from this list, or maybe other characters that should get a movie, let me know in the comments. Until then, see you Wednesday for Moana.

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