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ACNL: Medaiton Journal Week 3

Week 3: Eggcelent Holiday

Sorry if this week is kinda late and…barren…life got in the way. No poll for this week currently, Isabelle has a weird system with holidays blame her.

         Day 15:
                I walked out and my town was a mess. There were an unhealthy amount of rocks with…eggs in them? Eggs buried in the ground? Even eggs in the sky?!?! Maybe it had to do with the rabbit in town square?

Yes well today is Bunny Day! The day where…a rabbit comes over and messes up my town with eggs. He said if I found all six types of eggs I will get a special prize. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out well. I found the other 5 but the 6th egg was pretty much unobtainable at the time. The 6th egg was somewhere out in the ocean and well…I couldn’t get to it with the tools I had. Now I just have a bunch of eggs I need to clean up in my town square. I am a busy mayor that is collecting money for the Dream Suite so I didn’t have time to clean it up. Guess they’re just going to sit there for the time being.

All hope wasn’t lost though. I found a slingshot so I can shoot down some presents from the sky. Although the only thing I could find was useless sky eggs. I’ll see a proper use for the slingshot next time.

An old Tortoise was sitting at the dock. His name is Tortimer, and believe it or not he was supposed to be the original mayor before I got here. I kind of wanted to give him a talking to since he just randomly dropped this job on me to go on a vacation or something. I held back because I honestly like this job, so I really have to thank him.

The old tortoise said I can go to the island whenever I wanted starting tomorrow. He mentioned something about a sailor that will take me for a fee. I’m honestly curious what they will have there.

Day 16:
A strange animal came to visit my house when I woke up. I have no idea how long he was waiting there…pretty creepy now that I think of it like that. The strange animal’s name was Shrunk, and he is asking me to sign a petition. 
The petition was for a Club to be built in the town plaza, and he hoped that loud music wouldn’t be an issue. Of course I was on board, as well as the villagers. Not one of them said no, but I can understand, especially Tex who specializes in music. Shrunk said I’ll have to wait a while until the club is officially built. I think it had a stupid name like…Club LOL or something like that. I honestly wish I could rename the club something else but…what can you do?
I visited the Town Hall to find Isabelle sleeping during her work. She was worried and swears she was dreaming of doing work. 
Honestly I feel bad, how long has she been here anyway? Does she ever take weekends? She said that a visitor requested a Dream Suite to be made in town. I said sure, but it’ll be a while because it takes about 200k bells to build. I guess I’ll just have to be a bit patient.

                A shabby looking sailor was at the dock, just as Tortimer said. His name was Kappn’, pretty creative. I paid him 1k bells which is not a lot for me and we sailed to the island. 
A song later, the cloudy skies broke into sunshine and the island came into view. Walking in on the right was a souvenir stand containing an item that…I honestly needed yesterday, the wet suit.
 Walking out the island was small adorned with lychees and banana trees. For the rest of the day I farmed the mini games there until I got the wet suit. I was so exhausted afterwards that I forgot to bring back the fruit.

        Day 17: 
   Waking up I noticed a new house plot, again, super close to my house. The name on the plot was…Felyne? I’m pretty sure that I met him at the campsite not too long ago. Maybe he got inspired to move here?

A shoe store opened up in town. It was run by a skunk who calls himself Kicks. Pretty appropriate, although I have yet to see shoes that I really want from there.

At the local Retail store, Reese’s husband Cyrus finally returns to his duties. He refurbishes furniture which is nice to decorate homes with. I’ll remake the egg that Felyne gave me, but I’ll check on it tomorrow.

While I’m at Retail, I can give you a tip on how to make money. You know those gems that you can collect from breaking rocks? You can sell them in retail for about much more. Gems usually go for exactly 7,999 bells and villagers will always eat it up. You can always sell items for quadruple the original selling price as long as they’re not above 8k.

While on my daily trip to the museum Blathers was concerned about something. He wanted to expand the museum to have a second story, and asked me to get funds for it. I would do it now, except I still have the dream suite to worry about.

Day 18: 
Sure enough, it is in fact Felyne. He remembers me from the campsite and said he wanted to move here so badly. I guess he got fed up with the monsters back at his home? Why his room looks like a magma cavern is beyond me.

I visited Tex’s house. Normally I don’t talk about mundane visits but it’s just really unhealthy to keep a seahorse on electrical equipment. Yeah, I’m just going to point out fire/electrical hazards in my villager’s homes.

Butch was talking about how much he wanted to meet the new villager in town. He calls himself the “shadow mayor”. I honestly don’t feel comfortable with this. What does he do that gives him that title? Is he the one leaving pitfalls everywhere?

I picked up the egg I left at Retail. He called it a “Leviathan Egg”. It bounces around sometimes, almost eager to get out. The egg feels almost shocking…

Day 19: 
Felyne moves in and he’s walking around with a shovel. Not sure what he’s doing. I’m sure he saw huge monsters back at home, why would he want to dig up bones of normal dinosaurs here?
I went to T&T Mart and saw possibly the best item I’ve ever seen. I like to call it “The Grand Wheel of RNG”.  I think I’m going to design my room around this, where everything is colorful. I just have to get the right items. My house just recently got expanded, so more of a reason to redecorate.

I heard Wendy talk about Biff. I hear her talking about him a lot actually. I tried to hold myself back but…I think I actually ship them. Pretty much everyone else in the town ships them too. I think the one that’s left in the dark about this is Biff himself.

Day 20: 
Honestly not much happened today. It’s almost like the villagers got burned out or something. I tried to ask them about things to do but they just wouldn’t give me anything. The only thing of note that happened was that Wendy called me a stupid nickname. Nono just…keep calling me Muffin. Oh yeah, and I also had a change of clothes because my old clothes were getting too worn out.

Day 21:
Isabelle was hosting a Nature Day event. Not much happened, except I saw all the leftover eggs that were still not cleaned up due to my lazyness that week. She handed me a cool globe which was pretty rad.
I found a lost mitten who I found out it belonged to Felyne. First try again, I must be really lucky with these guesses. Not sure why he would want a mitten in the warmer season of spring. My only guess its part of some armor set or something, or maybe I’m thinking too into it.

Pinky gave me a present to give to Naomi. The present contained some ugly green melon shirt in which Naomi happily wore. The shirt she wore before was actually a really rare shirt. I think Pinky just made a sin against human and animal kind.

Note: Mediaton is getting a quick break next week, no polls this week

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