Sunday, 23 April 2017

Mediaholics Journal: Blaster's Happy Home Designing Week (16/4/17-23/4/17)

I may have gone overboard with the public works projects.. externally at least, but this is also a couple of extra days because I felt like spending coins to read.

I had five public works projects and, because these flesh creatures are easily satisfied, these projects got the bare minimum needed, or aesthetically pleasing in their work, they were happy with a shop that sold basket balls and nothing else, because for some reason they wanted a classroom full of gym equipment, and another which literally just has a cash register in it. "But thou must" works way you flesh peasants!

During those days, and a few after it, I had also finished paying off my tutorials, giving me access to facial modifications, refurbishing furniture, more variable interior layouts... decorating with insects and fish... for some reason, and others that I may never use. I feel so sorry for their religious figure, to have it look down on them and ask what went wrong. Oh and I made a log cabin for someone called Erik as the only house I did the entire week. He got something better then the facilities did.

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