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ACNL: Mediaton Journal Week 1

Mediaton Journal: Boom Town

Day 2

I woke up and was pretty impressed with the new house’s exterior. Although not as spacious as my villager’s house on the inside, it will have to do for now. I check my mail and I heard a small voice calling to me. I went to examine it and to my surprise it was a talking magic lamp! I was somewhat freaked out by it, but I decided to do as it said and put it in my house for the time being.

Isabelle actually stopped by to give me a house warming present before I got a chance to put the lamp down. She gave me some cute paw print pattered wallpaper that I just had to use. I put down the lamp into its new home as I head to town hall to do mayor duties.
Isabelle told me I have to win over the townsfolk so I can get a villager’s permit before I become mayor, so I did some chores around town. Naomi wanted to change her catchphrase to something fabulous, so I thought of the most fab thing at the time.
Merengue asked to find the elusive peacock butterfly. I thought it was no problem…except the huge glaring problem of it not appearing unless if there are special flowers in the town. I ran around town for hours before I realized it. Sorry Merengue…please forgive me.
I didn’t finish the villager’s permit that day, but I did manage to hone my bee catching technique. So now I have revenge, REVENGE I SAY HAHAHAHAHA!

Day 3

                I saw a visitor to the town today. She was apparently a famous carpenter named Sahara. I gave her some bells to work on my house but my opinion was somewhat mixed...all she really did was track sand on the floor.
                I’ve heard word that a villager moved in today. His name is Butch. He’s still in boxes but I can already sense he’s a bit of a gruff guy. I wonder why he moved so far away from everyone else. Maybe he likes the solitude?
I hung out with Merengue later in the day, and I did more chores for the villager’s permit. I eventually got the permit! But…I had to wait until the next day to actually do any actual mayor duties.

Day 4

                I woke up a bit later than usual, and I saw a house plot…straight across from mine. It said it belonged to someone named Tammy. I should’ve known that villagers would pop up right near my house. I had to shake of that thought because I finally got my villager’s permit, so off to the town hall I go.

Isabelle said that I could either enact the town ordnance, or construct a Public Works Project or PWP for short. I’ll put out a poll for the villagers to choose which PWP they would want. In the meantime, I enacted the Bell Boom town ordnance to focus on future payments for the town.
Since all my mayor duties are done for now, I visited Butch who was out and about since he wasn’t a slave to his moving boxes anymore. Despite his gruff personality he sometimes comes off as an old man. Don't tell him that though.

Day 5

The bell boom ordinance is live and I filled my pockets to the brim with bees and beehives. I got a lot of bells and I am going to continue to grind for the future PWP that is currently being voted. I met the animal that moved right in front of my house. Her name is Tammy and she is a bear. Despite her moving right in front of my house, I somewhat developed a soft spot for her.

 I've noticed a hybrid grew in my town. A pink rose. Maybe the town would appreciate if I started growing flower gardens.

Day 6

I find myself frequenting the Able Sisters lately. They have a lot of cute things in stock, I might change my look soon if I can find a matching skirt. Chester wanted me to bring back Butch to his place. Butch's house was a long way from all the villagers, I guess he just prefers long walks. I feel bad seeing him so secluded; I might have to build a bridge for him in the future once I get enough funds.

Day 7

Another plotted land has sprung up, his name is Tex. He is right next to my house. I'm starting to feel a little claustrophobic.

 I said hi to the quiet hedgehog Mabel today. She is working in the corner of the Able Sisters but I always say hi to her everyday, and I appreciate the work she does. I think she's starting to open up a bit more. 
Chester wanted to play Hide and Seek with me, Tammy, and Naomi. Although they picked the worst hiding spots. Tammy even hid behind her own house. Even some of the villagers had odd tasks. Biff wanted me to pick an apple that I'm pretty sure he could've just reached himself.
The last thing I remember was seeing this weird tent in the town plaza. Some fast talking fox who calls himself Redd sells paintings. Looks really useful for building the town's museum, but I've heard that he sells bootlegs. You gotta be careful with what you're buying and who you're buying it from.

Note: This week has a poll for the PWP, please vote on the strawpoll

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