Saturday, 15 April 2017

ACNL: Medaiton Journal Week 2

Mediaton Journal: Bear With Me

Day 8:
I wake up and a house moved in right next to me…surprised? Not really. Inside was the new neighbor, Tex. He’s a pretty chill villager. Heh…get it? He’s still moving in so I’ll give him time.

                The Mona Lisa shipped to my house so I went to the museum to donate it. I noticed there was construction going on near Nookingtons. At the museum I learned that the painting I got was a fake. I am never trusting that Fox again.

                I went over to town hall to see the results for the poll. The result was yellow bench. I placed it near Butch’s house because I plan do to something great there in the future, possibly a park or something. I donated for the bench upfront, mainly due to my impatience.

                While combing the beach, I found a sailor knocked out cold. He called himself Gulliver. He forgot where he was going and needed me to help him remember. We figured out he was going to Singapore after he told me some landmarks he saw there. He promised me that he’ll bring me back a souvenir for helping him.

Day 9:
                I walk outside and there was another plot to the north right of my house. This is starting to become an issue. I saw Tex walking outside, and he was just enjoying the cherry blossom petals that seemed to be falling through the air like confetti.

                There was a small celebration for the completion of the town bench. Isabelle made it somewhat of a big deal, but I suppose it is the first PWP that we worked on. I understand her enthusiasm.

                Isabelle informed me about the new gardening shop in town. It is run by a Sloth named Leif. That shop really helps me with my hybrid gardening. I got some cooler flowers there like lilies and violets.

                An interesting visitor came by the town tree today. She was a fortune teller known as Katrina. She gave me my fortune for a relatively cheap price. She told me that luck was based off the clothes I wear. Since my dress was already lucky that day, I felt pretty good after that. That day I happened to shake a tree and out came a lucky cat!

Day 10:
                Today was the fishing tourney! So everyone was wielding their fishing rods to compete for the biggest catch. Except for one villager, the one that was moving in. Her name was Pinky and she was a pretty big panda. It has come to my attention that I have three bears in my town now.

                For the fishing tourney, Chip the Beaver set up his tent in the plaza. The rules were that any fish goes. So I grabbed my rod and fished for the majority of the day.
                At the end of the day though, even after I caught a good number of sea bass, Wendy won the tourney by a couple inches. I ended up taking second place. Don’t worry, I’m not bitter at all…..Wendy….

Day 11:
                I saw Pinky outside after she unpacked everything. She seems really nice. For some reason she likes to make Waluigi sounds at me.

                Naomi asked me to deliver Tammy a shirt. I gave it to Tammy but…it honestly looked kind of silly on her. I held back my laughter and told her it looked good. I guess she’s going to wear that for a while.

                Butch said he wanted to move away. I begged him to stay and it actually worked. Why would he want to move away so soon? It almost felt like he just got here. I’m pretty sure this town still has room for just one more villager anyway.

                Wendy asked me to start calling me Muffin, because she heard it from Merengue. I said sure, why not. I count her in our little friend group anyway. Afterwards I was tending to my flowers. I grew a few hybrids, but the most that was growing was my rose garden. It already produced a purple flower!

  Day 12:
                I talked to Chester and he asked me to give something to Merengue that he forgot about. He started whispering to me about it when Merengue was in earshot. I wonder why he’s worried about it.

                While going around town I kept on tripping over myself. Katrina happened to be in town that day and I asked her about it. It did have to do with my luck after all, and she told me my only saving grace is a long sleeved shirt.

                When I went to the Able Sisters, Mabel was there with a brand new sewing machine. She told me that I can use it to make intricate designs. I could actually make a decent town flag with this, instead of the place holder we have now. I bought a long sleeve shirt as well as other clothes to match with it. I was all dressed in blue.

Day 13:
                I found a lost book on the ground. I asked Biff first who was walking there at the time and the first guess I had was right. I also figured because the title of the book was Pecs and Quads of the Rich and Famous.

                A skeleton fell out of a tree. I’m not sure if I should call the cops, the skeleton looked pretty fake. I figured I would just take it home for it to be a cool decoration. I’m not sure if I regret my decision or not.

I felt so tired after that for some reason….I just kinda….slept….

Day 14:
                I walked into town to find that Nooklings was closed for renovations. There was also another store being built next to the Able Sister’s. It’s pretty exciting to see the shopping district get bigger.

                I got done paying my home loan, so I went to Nook’s. Nook introduced me to an otter that honestly won’t shut up. His name is Lyle and he’s a spokesperson for the Happy Home Academy. There’s a competition to have the nicest house. I suppose I won’t have that much competition around my town. It feels like everyone wants me to ruin their houses.

                The day was a lazy one afterwards but there was an interesting camper today. He was a cat that traveled from far away. He speaks of a land filled to the brim with terrifying monsters. He gave me a few items including a little pet pig, and what’s supposed to be a monster egg. I’ll guess I’ll keep these in my house.

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