Sunday, 16 April 2017

Mediaholics Journal: Blaster's Happy Home Designing Week (9/4/17-15/4/17)

Well so much for my week long break... that's going to be all the free time I get isn't it?

Well I can assure you things have not been interesting this week, only doing four houses this week, though now I get to decorate houses... and most of the ones I've seen haven't needed anything outside. I turned Cesar's house into a construction site, and all through the process I'd been questioning the purpose of a manhole on a beach and why I was even needed to turn a house into a construction site. I also think I've broken the laws of physics and put Carrie and Pecan's houses on the same lot, because that's how physics works. And put Pekoe's house in one of the most peaceful places I can think of, the middle of the desert.

I was also tasked with three new buildings, the hospital, a cafe which for some reason they didn't want a kitchen in it, so I didn't give them one, and a store which I honestly didn't use as an excuse to use the car as furniture...

The only other bit of note was an excuse to use those playcoins I'd been collecting since Super Smash brothers for 3DS on... tutorials and more furniture, which for some reason I cannot get all at once even though I have 300 of the useless bits of digital gold. What, you think these weeks are going to get longer? I can only do one house a day. Down below are the pictures taken for your enjoyment.

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