Sunday, 2 April 2017

ACNL: Mediaton Journal Introduction

Day 1: Moving to Mediaton

                April 2nd

I was riding on a train and on my way to a new town. I left my last town for a breath of fresh air. I’m not going to leave forever I will visit another time, although we are not thinking of that town right now. I’m on my way to Mediaton, a town with a river that leads into the western sea. It was a newer town that was recently put on the map.

When I got off the train I was greeted by four residents of the town. It seemed that they planned a welcoming party…although this is the first time I was meeting them, it was really weird. The yellow dog even insisted I was mayor for some reason. I think they were mistaken; maybe they are looking for another human? Before I could argue the yellow dog dragged me to the town hall to discuss further. She said her name was Isabelle, the mayor’s secretary, or really my secretary. She gave me an ID and told me to go find a house. She pointed me the way to Nook’s Homes on the map. Nook was really generous to let me place a plot down for a house since there were no vacant houses. The best we can do is a tent but it’ll be cozy enough for the day. I’m sure I can quickly get enough money to pay off the mortgage. I know my ways. My house is placed near some neighbors and the local shop. I wanted a pretty convenient place.
I went back to the Town Hall to tell Isabelle that I successfully placed my roots down. She gave me a small tree to celebrate the official founding of Mediaton. During the celebration I saw all the residents there, but there was one that caught my eye. She was a rhino but she looked particularly sweet. Maybe it was because she looks like a cupcake? I learned that her name was Merengue and her house wasn’t too far from mine. The first thing I did after the celebration was meet her, with all the other villagers of course.

The villagers were kind to me, but I wasn’t sure it was just because I somewhat have authority over them. I wasn’t officially the mayor yet but they treat me as such. First there’s Biff, who is a Hippo that’s into sports. Despite his buff appearance, he’s somewhat of a dork. He lives next to Wendy who is an outgoing nerdy sheep. She comes across as someone who updates their social media pretty often. I should remind myself to share my profiles with her. Chester is a panda that appreciates older antique things. He enjoys newer things sure, but his love is in old black and white movies and history books. I forgot about Naomi the cow, but she doesn’t speak much. She’s the most secluded from all the other villagers. Why her house is behind Town Hall is beyond me.

Then there is Merengue. I have to admit it she’s cute, no, she’s downright adorable. She has a huge interest in baking and she watches restaurant shows all the time. I talked to her so often that day, she joked that it almost felt like I was stalking her. Maybe I should give her a break. She grew enough attached to me that she gave me the nickname “Muffin”. Since she was so into baking, I’m not surprised I would be called a food item.

                I did a lot that day. I met a ton of people, found some furniture, and even paid off my house. Even though there were construction sounds outside my house, I slept like a rock in a coma that night.

Note: This will be a weekly series, all of the days of this week will be released on this upcoming Saturday April 8th 7am AEDT

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