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Mediaholics Journal: Blaster's Happy Home Designing Week 1 (27/3/17-1/4/2017)

“Today is the day our new employee arrives, yes, yes!” 

So while Marissa leads the town and stalks Meregue, I’ve got the pleasure of being a Happy Home Designer. Well at least it’s not Amiibo Festival, I think I’d die if I had to play that every day. Trust me when I say days in Happy Home Designer are nowhere near as long as days can be in New Leaf. So, don’t be surprised if these are far shorter then Marissa’s New Leaf posts. The rule with this is that one in game day equals one real world day, even if one in game day is about five minutes (which is great for me as it means I can do these while rendering videos). So, what do you get up to on day one of the game?

First, character customization. While in NL (for the record, as it’ll get annoying to say it going forward, NL means New Leaf and HHD means Happy Home Designer for these posts), your facial features are determined by the questions you ask Rover, whereas here, in what I’m unofficially calling Holicity (Marissa’s being Mediaton, here being Holicity, get it?!), you do get full face customization to your own preference. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a picture of my face day 1 so the face reveal will have to wait at the time I’m writing this part, but it will happen one day! Unfortunately, as well, character customization isn’t as in depth here (no going to work in PJ’s for me ) but there are other accessories, according to the game, that I can get later down the line for my head. So yay?

After a basic introduction to the team, staring you as “the one who will do everything in this game because you’re not an NPC”, Lyle, Digby, Lottie and Tom “break your leg benders” Nook, you’re tasked with designing your first home. A home that has “all things Cute, a lovely atmosphere and is an utterly charming room” because NPC houses are one room buildings in Animal Crossing, and you’re given access to an assortment of items that have a very clear cut theme to them, in that they are varying shades of pink, and have a heart pattern to them, all for your co-worker Lottie. She couldn’t do it herself due to being so busy which work, which is understandable. Allow me to show you what I did with the place.

I tried to go for a comfortable, yet functional room including a desk station with a digital overhead clock, eating area for guests, and a bed to sleep in with a large rug to cover the birch wood floor panelling and to bring the room together. Trust me when I say none of that’s mandatory, and depending on the random villagers I get, I may or may not be showing that off. For science, of course. Lottie though was happy with it and with her seal of approval, I went back to the office to stay the night, as I don’t get a home to myself… Truly, the lifestyles are vastly different between the two games. Onward to day 2!

Day 2

So after coming from a house that I'll never see, in a uniform that may never get washed. I arrive to work to find a panicking Lottie, and my first customer, for tutorials are not done yet, and you must move Goldie into her hew house. Goldie, loves books, loves them, and wanted to live in a forest of books. Admittedly, I was tempted to give her exactly what she wanted, and fill her house with nothing but books, but that is a punishment that I'll save for those who... deserve it...

Still, I like to keep customers happy, and decorated her house as she asked. A lot of Green wooden furniture, two large bookcases full of books, a pile of books on her table, and her record player to which I forget the name, which has shown me that there is music options for the houses, so now every house will get one. Besides, they don't need things like kitchens and bathrooms... right? I also learned of a new power I have, the power of telekinesis over living things. Not just plants, but villagers. Trust me, I'll be showing pics off in Day 3, but believe me, it is hilarious, and kinda makes me think of this. No idea why...

After her free Airplane lessons, Goldie did enjoy her house and taught me Joy in the process, now this automaton with the powers of a god can blend in better with the living folk... With another client happy, it is onto Day 3.

Day 3
Couldn't find a image of him that wasn't tiny, so here's his amiibo card

This automaton is getting sick of your tutorials you questionably happy game...

Alas, yes, there are more tutorials, being a "Client List" allowing you to travel to completed houses, and the LR=Camera, so here's a face reveal.

The other "tutorial" in this was outdoor clients, basically you can go outside and see if people are interested in you making a house for them. Our newest victim... I mean client, is Lopez, who wanted a metropolitan styled house. I think its safe to say I did that, correct, Lopez?

The game does unfortunately get repetitive very quickly, hence why I stick to doing them by weeks.

Day 4

Who's bright idea was it to make me work for my own work? What kind of backwards logic is that?

So because there are no clients booked in, I have to step outside and find clients. And who do I find? a Blue frog and a black horse that seems to hate the colour spectrum and sticks with the extremes. I managed to get in contact with mayor stalker, get her opinions on the decision, and it turned out it was the horse's lucky day. Congratulations... Roscoe, you're getting a house.

"A Black and White Bastion"? Seriously? You're one step away from depressed goth levels of bleak. It's so bleak I can make it look like I killed you on your bed. See?

Still, it is insulting that you think my artistic tastes are, and I quote, "GOOD", not only did you not need to yell but you also call my genius sub par. You wanted my work, and this is what you do to show it? I should have given you a worse house. "Thanks for teaching me Aggression you bleak foal.

Day 5

I think its almost time I got a promotion.

Before going back outside to scalp for more customers, I was informed by my lazy boss and Isabelle of a town work project I'll be tasked with designing tomorrow. Unfortunately I wasn't able to ask what the state of stalker mayor's town is. I only have a basic idea of what it is at the time I write this, something about installing hydrants and benches...

At least the choices today were easier to pick, in theory. There is only room for one automaton in this village, so the walking fruit gets a house. That was my logic before seeing what I got myself into. All the jerk gave me to work with was fruit, bloody fruit. This abomination of science drove me insane. They wanted fruit, they got fraging fruit! That fact that you like the hoarder design for your house also disgusts me. HOW DO YOU LIKE THIS?!

Day 6

From houses to a School with one class room? Eh, lets see where this goes.

It is a tiny school though when all that's needed is a Teacher's desk,  four desks, and four seats, in one room. Truly, this will house the growing minds of tomorrow. I do believe Isabelle will agree, I decided to make some more use of the room, turning it into a lecture hall with a few extra facilities. Still wish the school could have been a full school and not a room, I get bored sometimes and would like more of a challenge then just designing one room.

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