Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Worlds Collide: What happens when you mix the Blue Blur with the Blue Bomber?

This is something I get the feeling was being worked on while Archie was getting the rights to do the comics. Think about it, you're going for the rights of two of gaming's most iconic characters (that isn't named Mario), one of whom holds the record for longest running comic series based on a video game. Why wouldn't you bring the two together? Because they did, we get Worlds Collide, so lets see how this goes, shall we?

Full details are explained in the back stories in both the Sonic series of comics and the Mega Man series, but suffice to say, Dr Eggman and Dr Wily have teamed up with the plan to steal all he Chaos Emeralds and use their power to use the "Wily Egg"'s Super Genesis Wave, a weapon that can remold the fabric of space and time to the will of the doctors if it's used. The two doctors also kidnap Sonic's friends and turn them into Robot Masters, again thanks to merging the two technological information of the two doctors. Sonic, not having any of this, sets out to find his friends and mistakes Mega Man for Copybot, who kidnaps Silver the Hedgehog (it makes sense in the comics at the time, I swear). Regardless, after a great fight sequence, the two discover that, say it with me, "if they work together they can undo what their villains have done and save the world". Is the story predictable? Yes, but it still has some interesting moments in it, and it's the reason the comics are what they are right now.
It's hard to add a quip to a joke. I just find this funny

The art style is simple, but perfect for these two. It's Sonic and Mega Man, you do not need a lot of detail in the art style. Everyone looks like they've been ripped right out of the games. It looks great, and thanks to Ian Flynn, the writer for the arc, the characters sound like they did as well. In fact, full credits to the entire team, considering the plot, this is perfect on a visual and interaction level. What will kill it though is the basic story, it's 12 issues long, its not something that has its time to build up, which is fine for me as it means I can read them quickly. However it also means that there isn't a lot to talk about, other then to go read this for youself, as its one of the best arcs I've read for this site. So I'll leave you with that and return for something I may have even less to talk about, Super Mario Maker.

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