Monday, 25 January 2016

Star Wars Episode VI; Return of the Jedi, dumb characters, and a dumb plan

This week, we bring this marathon to a close. Two more movies left, as we come to the end of the original trilogy. When we last left our heroes, things had fallen apart, so now, it's time to put everything back together. Time to see the grand Return of the Jedi.

Like with the rest of the prequels, the plot is simple, and easy to understand. The Empire is making another Death Star (because the last one worked so well) and it is up to the rebels to stop them, but not before rescuing Han Solo from Jabba the Hut, who's thankfully on set this time, as he's one of the few aliens who isn't CGI, shame the puppet didn't last. Once again, you're expecting more? Well the rest of the movie is the finale, but unlike something like Bayformers movies, never feels longer then it needs to be because it doesn't feel like the end until the last few scenes before the party. For you see, half the finalie is dedicated to getting the plan working, then its the space battle, along with a final light saber battle between Luke and Vader, with the Emperor watching and then, party. What you thought a movie called "Return of the Jedi" was going to end in a bad ending? The plot's ok, but I can't help but feel it's weaker then The Empire Strikes Back, mainly because it's mostly just the finale and a detour to prepare for it. I really don't like the opening purely because I've only seen the special editions because guess what, I hope you liked those awful CGI aliens, now with even more variety. And again, some of the CG works in this movie, its things like there that don't, at all.
Don't worry, they're actually there, it's not CGI

Sadly though, that's all I can really say. Visual and sound wise, everything I've said about Episode's IV and V apply here. The locations look nice and unlike characters like Jar Jar, I've got nothing against the Ewoks because I think the concept is hilarious. Oversized living teddy bears fighting, and winning against a well armed military with sticks and rocks. How could you not find that funny? The Force ghost change at the end isn't something I think works because, well it looks stupid. As for the movie itself, it's the weakest of the original trilogy, not a bad movie, just the weakest. Bad in comparison does not mean bad outright. What works well works really well and what doesn't really doesn't work. But the good outweigh the bad for the most part. As for the trilogy overall, over hyped comes to mind.
The f&$*@ given here are zero

The Star Wars movies are some of the most talked about things on the internet, and as a result, many people know of them and know the plots, without actually seeing the films, especially in my generation. A few friends of mine and my cousin either have not, or don't recall watching the movies in full, yet feel like they know the movie in and out, like how I feel about things like Back to the Future, a series I haven't seen at all because I personally feel like I've seen them already, even though I know I haven't. That's why the word over hyped comes to mind. Taking off the nostalgia goggles, the movies haven't aged well, both the prequels and the originals. The problem with the prequels is the exposition, the sheer amount of explaining and bland acting means that while visually, films like episode 3 will age well, in terms of a story, none of them will. For the originals, its everything that has come out since then along with what's been done to them. Visually they don't look great, and the CGI has made them look worse over time, story wise they're ok over all, just predictable and the characters tend to be hit or miss when looking at them as a reviewer (I look at things differently as a reviewer then as a general watcher). To quote a good friend of mine "It's like Doom 1, y'know? Important if you're considering the evolution of modern pop culture, but it's 2016. There's so much more out there now." And I think they're right on the money, it's why I use terms like "First game Syndrome", at the time they were great, but time goes on, and things take the foundation of what came before and try to refine it, with some to work, others to fail.  I'll see you guys for the next review on Wednesday.

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