Friday, 29 January 2016

Spaceballs:... I genuinly can't come up with something to say here

The short version of this review could be summed up to that as well. I'll try to go into detail, but its the main reason why I don't really watch spoof movies. Let's see how well this goes, Spaceballs.

I'll give this movie credit, they came up with a reason for the villains to be villains other then waking up on the wrong side of the bed. The planet Spaceball is running out of air. No, not that the ozone layer is full of Carbon Dioxide, the planet is literally running out of air. So, they've come up with the plan to capture the princess of a neighboring planet, and hold her for ransom to get the planet's air. As such, it is up to a fusion of Han Solo and Luke Skywalker called Lone Starr and his co captain "Barf"... No I'm not kidding, that's his name, to save the princess and stop the "evil" President Skroob and Lord Dark Helmet, again, not kidding. Combine that with references to other Sci fi franchises (more tastefully then movies like Epic and Disaster Movie) along with set pieces and characters which you can tell who they're referencing and you have the movie in a nut shell, It's a spoof movie of star wars, what were you expecting?
I think someone's compensating for something

The point of a spoof movie is to analyze and show what they're parodying in a comedic light by pointing out the flaws in a comedic light or for seeing what would happen if they change some aspects, and for that, Spaceballs does it's job well, great even. This got me to laugh several times thanks to its style of comedy. I laughed at the fourth wall break, and I laughed at the "comb the desert" joke, most of the other jokes got a reaction out of me, but none were as good as those two, mainly because the forth wall joke was new for me, I've never seen that joke before, or anything similar.
These two jokes I thought were hilarious

Shame the same thing can't be said for the visuals and sound design, sound wise the movie's meh, nothing stands out about it. In terms of looks, it looks cheep and while I normally don't let looks factor in this much, but this... I mean its funny to an extent, but I would have liked a bit more effort going into the set design, or I'm not getting the joke of all the spaceships being cars and Winnebago, either or.
This one more clever rather then funny

I don't know what to make of this, really I don't. It's funny and I'm sure people thought it looked good at the time, but now... Is it a good spoof movie, yes, and by far better then the current trend of spoof movies, as there is effort put in. But as a movie, the only word that comes to mind is "meh". I don't know, it might might be because I'm used to seeing this kind of production value on smaller projects, so I can let the visuals slide on the merit of a lack of budget, and the writing is something I expect more from a children's cartoon... minus all the crude humor. So to see those on a cinematic released film, trust me, I checked, just seems underwhelming. I expect more from a movie released at the cinema then I do from a internet distributed dvd made by indie movie makers. I try to remove as many biases as possible, but even I can't get rid of all expectations. Come Wednesday, yes we're going back to a "one main post a week" for my own sanity, the Deadpool Killogy.

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