Monday, 15 June 2015

Bethesda E3 2015:

Considering what's coming up, there isn't going to be a lot here, just some brief notes. There wasn't much in terms of staging, but so much to talk about later this week. So what am I going to talk about now?

  • Studio montage: Something I wish I could talk about now, but POLARIS WOULDN'T STOP TALKING LONG ENOUGH TO LET ME HEAR IT (Thank you Bethesda for also streaming it on your own Youtube account)
  • We want steam's pie is what I got out of it, what I'm curious about is if its exclusive or can steam tap into it for some of its games, like one I'll talk about later)
  • Battleblade: Not TF2 is what I got out of that, basically a melee oriented TF2 from what was shown
  • ESO: Meh, looks nice.  I'm not playing Elder Scrolls online, so I don't care
  • ES Legends: Nice trailer :/ not much to say other then that

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