Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Pokemon Adventures - Heart Gold & Soul Silver: YOU WILL BOW TO YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR JOHTO!

This is an arc dedicated to Arceus, what part of "will take low hanging fruit when appropriate" wasn't clear from Moana?

"The original one breathed alone before there was a universe. And when the universe was created, its shards became these plates. The powers of these plates are shared between all Pokémon. And the rightful barer of a plate draws power from it. Two being of time and space... set free from the original one. Two make matter, and three make spirit. Thereby shaping the world."

Timeline: 3 years after Emerald, almost directly before Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.Ties up plot thread from Fire Red and Leaf Green Arc. Ready? Go!

For the third time, Team Rocket tries to reform, with the four Rocket Executives from the gen 2 remakes taking command. Their plan, to control the power of Arceus thanks to the sixteen plates of Arceus (no Fairies yet) and using its power along with the Creation trio from the Diamond, Pearl and Platinum arc to truly revive Team Rocket and take over the world. As a result of this, it is up to Gold, Silver and Crystal (though you'd think with the power of gods in play the Kanto pokedex holders would be willing to join in at least), along with three unexpected allies, including one you thought was dead, to team up and stop the Rocket Executives. This is only a two book volume which is why the plots so short. As to why it came out Wednesday night instead of Wednesday morning, as I mentioned on twitter, I wasn't feeling too good over the weekend due to a annoyingly placed muscle strain, its why Happy Home Designer didn't come up at all.

For the most part, everything character wise is like it was before, in that it barely feels like the characters have matured, worst example of this being Gold until the very end of the arc where Togepi finally evolves into not only a Togetic, but also a Togekiss. Most of the character development in fact goes to the three unexpected allies and because of who they are, I'm keeping that a secret. What I will say is that one of them is kidding themselves if they think they can go back to their town and think nothing bad will happen.

Come June, we'll be going to to America to see how badly the place has been messed up thanks to the election by people who support the leadership and those who don't... I mean travel to Unova, sorry I get the two of them confused.

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