Saturday, 6 May 2017

ACNL: Medaiton Journal Week 4

Week 4: The Star Under The Marquee

               The Club opened the start of the week. Inside before the offical doors opened was Shrunk who asked me to build him the club in the first place. He said he was actually some sort of comedian back in his prime. At the cost of food he told me a joke. It's kind of a weird some sort of emotion came over me that day...
It was actually raining that day so visiting the Doc cheered me up.

               Oddly enough the very next day when it cleared up, there was a mysterious thing sitting in the ground. It's called a Gyroid, and it gives off a mysterious presence. This particular one was called a  mini timpanoid. I like how it sounds honestly.

               Eventually, the shopping town grew and two new stores were added at the same time. T&T  Mart got renovated into Super T&T. All had happened is that the store got bigger, but I did find an interesting item in there while I was looking around. 
               The item is called a megaphone and man is it a useful item. You just call your villager's name and they will answer you. Super useful when doing tasks, I always have it in my letter pockets just in case.

               The other store is actually a hair salon called Shampoodle. It is run by a dog named Harriet. I tried to get a new hairstyle, but I feel that the hair I got was kind of...reddish for my taste. Unfortunately, the hair salon could only be used once a day, so I had to be stuck with this tea red hair for the rest of it. 

               Before April ended, there was the annual Weeding Day event. Leif from the flower shop hosts it, and urges me to pick all the weeds from the town. It wasn't that hard at all since I almost always tend to the gardens around town. He gave me a cute little Cosmos Fan for my troubles.

               One night there was a beautiful meteor shower. I wished on a couple of stars that were shooting by. I poured my heart into those wishes too. Maybe there is something up there that can hear me?

               Before the week passed on the final day of April, I went diving. I met an interesting otter who would give me words of wisdom. He also lent me an item in exchange for a scallop that I found. He was a pretty chill dude. 
               The very last thing I did was visit the Club on that Saturday. They say the famous musician K.K. Slider preforms every week there. He was there of course! I spent a long time there listening to his music. I always loved how that dog can just change the atmosphere with a few chords from his guitar. There's something nostalgic about his presence. He gave me a bootleg of K.K. Joungora, so I felt pretty good that night.

               The Dream Suite project was finally completed! Now you can live the growth of the town with us! The dream address is provided for others with the game and the Dream Suite to visit the town of Mediaton.
Dream Address: 5B00-0061-560D

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