Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy: Why is there going to be 7 Marvel movies next year?

Seriously, why? And yes I know they're not all MCU movies, but that's still a lot of Marvel Superheros, and that's before counting the new Lego game coming. Well, what does that mean for here? Basically, it means there's going to be quite a lot more Marvel stuff this year, as I'd rather not review 30 marvel movies in a row. Along with this review, I'm going to do the Sony Spider Man movies in July, to celebrate Homecoming. Septembers are going to become Superheroes month (however until I catch up, they're not going to be limited to September. Such as in November where I'll review the first Lego Marvel Super Heroes game to celebrate the new game. You know Holywood, too much of a good thing is an actual thing. Just saying... And please don't ask me to play catch up on something like Disney movies, I will die before I catch up to those!

Anyway, Guardians of the Galaxy, the one Marvel movie I didn't cover during the Marvel Movie Marathon, mainly because they weren't going to be in Age of Ultron. Well Infinity War is coming, and they're going to be in that one, and Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 is out in cinemas right now so probably best to get to it now. Warning: Incoming 60's and 70's people!

The basic plot of the movie is probably one of the simplest plots outside of maybe The Avengers. Ronan the Accuser, who's personality is probably the best example of why you shouldn't hold racist grudges in the name of a god, wants the Purple Infinity Stone, or at least he does once he realizes the artifact that was housing it had it as the original plan was to give it to Thanos. Once he has it, he plans to destroy the planet Xandar due to an ancient rivalry between the Xandarians and Ronan's people, the Kree. However, he isn't the only one who wants it. A gang known as the Ravagers want the stone to sell, Peter Quill got to it first and after getting locked into a prison along with soon to be fellow members of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Gamora, Draxx the Destroyer, Rocket Racoon and Groot, tries to sell it to the Collector, and eventually gives the stone to the Nova Core to protect it. I genuinely hope that this means that we'll be getting a Nova movie post Infinity War, because they can easily work that into the story as a minor point. But yeah, the story is basically "don't let bad guy get super powerful stone". Considering the characters they have to introduce into it, yeah that works.

The movie is very character focused that often explains through showing them in action, rather then exposition, which compared to somethings I've reviewed, that is like a heavenly cinematic light. Any bit of exposition feels integrated into the movie, it never feels like "we are only saying this so that the audience knows what we know". DC, you want to replicate the MCU, take some notes in that regard. We get tiny bits about most of the backgrounds of the characters, biggest being Quill's as the first scene of the movie is dedicated to his. Everything else though is showing and explaining in small talk, rather then telling by exposition. I think the only actual bit of exposition is when Quill, Rocket Gamora and Groot are going into prison, where it a guard explaining the four of them to another guard, and even that is over in a few minutes at most. Because it is very character focused, I am avoiding explaining the personalities of the Guardians, but I will say that they do work off each other very well and you can actually believe that they'd be like this if they really were put into a situation like this.

In terms of locations, I do really like the variety of places the movie takes you. The locations are interesting, and feel a lot more focused then what Rogue One was. However, I can't really say the same thing for the character designs. I personally enjoy space movies with a lot of variety in alien designs, rather then something like this movie, where most of the aliens look almost exactly human. I honestly don't know if that's faithful to the source material or not though, so if it is then feel free to tell me I'm wrong. Soundtrack's a really nice mix of 60's-70's licensed music and original compositions made for the movie, its one of the few Marvel soundtracks that really stands out in a really good way. Alien design aside, this is one of the better Marvel movies, and for me its tied with Winter Soldier as one of the best movies from Phase 2. Considering how its sequel is going in the box office, I think a lot of others agree. Come next week, I'll be reviewing another group of rogues turned heroes, the Suicide Squad.

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