Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Pokemon Adventures; Black and White: Not even going to touch the political joke

However its very easy to. I can almost hear it now, people being up in arms because the white dragon representing truth and the black dragon representing ideals. Why do I keep making jokes about racism when it comes to Unova? Because otherwise I'd have to try and think of original Trump jokes and that would imply I care about US politics. Welcome to Unova.

Our journey this time primarily focuses on Black who wants to be the Unova Champion (Oh yeah, remember when Pokemon leagues were a thing? Last time one was shown was back in the GSC arc) and White who runs a Pokemon Talent Agency. Cheren and Bianca are here as well, but most of the focus is on Black and White in a plot that, you guessed it, is a more story focused version of the events of the games, just with a few little extras to make it more fleshed out. Like with the other times, I'm ok with it as it does lead to more interesting looks at the culture of Unova. But one thing that does really annoy me this time is the "I caught this off screen" mentality. Granted, its a thing that has been in all the chapters to date, but here it feels more annoying as it does happen more often, with random pokemon. For example, Black has a Braviary before leaving Numvera Town, which probably means he's paitent as hell as that's a pokemon almost at level 60 trained in an area that has level 2's and 3's. There was also Black getting a Tirtouga (a fossil pokemon he found in the wild?) before the battle with Clay, and White getting 3 pokemon while on a train ride? Seriously, where did these come from?

Visually, while I would say its the same style as the rest of the arcs, here the style feels more chibi. On the levels of the Yellow arc. It does also feel a lot more alive, full of energy, which is surprising as the games didn't have that long before Black 2 and White 2 came out, so you'd think the arc would be rushed, where instead its one of the longest arcs to date, so I hope you're into reading. Like I said though, I'm taking a break from this, as these reviews are getting harder to write while I try to think of something to say in them. Once Black 2/White 2, XY and ORAS have finished publication and I have copies of them, I'll come back. In the meantime, another marathon is on the way, and an age old question must be asked. Truck, or Gorilla. Back to the Transformers franchise thanks to The Last Knight, starting with: Beast Wars.

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