Sunday, 10 July 2016

Transformers Combiner Wars Bruticus, Part 6: Onslaught: Time to activate the Scramble City Protocol

We're finally at the end of Bruticus, for that is left is the combiner boss himself, Onslaught. I've wasted enough of your time, let's just do it.

Starting in vehicle mode and... its a thing that can be described loosely as a combat truck. Onslaught uses the Hot Spot mold which while it does work for Hot Spot, it does not work for Onslaught. Holes in the vehicle mode (which I think is the same as Hot Spot), Obvious fire truck molding, and barely any effort to hide the combiner bits. At least Hot Spot had the ladder. Paint is good,  but what lets it down was the bad re tooling done. It is at least an upgrade from the Generations Deluxe that was made for Fall of Cybertron from what I can tell. A issue on my copy of the toy is the ratchets for what will eventually be his legs seem to be mis aligned slightly, meaning that the vehicle mode often looks like it bending. I cut off the tabs for that reason, which did help, but only just.

Robot mode then, which does look better and fits Onslaught so well. Paint's a bit sparing on the head, being only there for the eyes, but at least that's more then what High Wire got. The use of most of his bulk and head design looks like he's a soldier who eats rookies for breakfast. Almost perfect articulation, minus a waist swivel due to transformation and you'd be set. Leg transformation was a bit annoying at first due to tolerances, though mine has loosened up a bit over time. Those leg ratchets are also best here, as it gives Onslaught a perfect balance. However, his back is full of Onslaught parts which just looks ugly. I actually kinda wished they kept Hot Spot's ports for Groove and released another Legends class to help with the back kibble.

Seeing as I'm not going to talk about just a torso, lets talk about Bruticus as a whole and for a modern version, he does look good. Not the best I've seen, but still good. Getting the Combiner Wars line wide issues out of the way: The hands are too big, the feet are too small and the arms are like gorilla arms in length. Onto the specifics, I love how posable he is. Connector ports on the limbs are all ratchets, so Bruticus can hold a pose. However, some of the kibble gets in the way, mainly Blast Off and Vortex's arms, Brawl's connector is actually a little small, so he sits in the peg rather loosely, and depending on who's hand foot gun is used where, tolerances could get to be a pain with those too. The leg ratchets on Onslaught also get to be a pain here too, as he can never stand straight as a result. I actually wished they had used ratchets with more gear points in them as its also an issue for the trucks from what I've heard. Does it scratch an itch, in terms of being a Bruticus that's cheep and playable? Yes. Not the best out there in terms of looks, but it does the job. Come Wednesday, Zootopia, and next Sunday, something that isn't transformers.

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