Sunday, 3 July 2016

Transformers Combiner Wars Bruticus, Part 5; Shockwave: A weapon fit only for a combiner

Yes, I did promise to also review Onslaught and Bruticus. I said that thinking I wouldn't get sick while working on the 2016 Tech Games Fest. I was wrong. Shout outs to my cousin, for giving me his cold, and for keeping me awake that first night with his coughing that sounds like he's choking. That being said though, the event itself was a blast as per usual, though granted my health did get worse as the event went on. However, now that I'm back home, I am recovering, though more of the cold signs are appearing. Why I'm not doing Onslaught? Because I have a bad headache now, and doing the Legends class figure is easier then doing the voyager combiner boss. Time to put the Decepticon Scientist under the microscope.

So lets start with the... vehicle mode? Sorry Hasbro, you're going to have a hard time making me believe that thing flies. Flip the handle down and lets get him in his cannon mode. Which... its a space cannon. There's no special gimmicks, its a legends class figure. It can kinda be held by the Deluxe class figures but looks gigantic on them, can't be held by Onslaught, don't know about any other voyagers as the only other one I have is Sky Linx, who has no hands. And thanks to a part of the connection to Onslaught's vehicle mode, can't be held by Leader class characters. He is designed to be held by Bruticus, and other combiners. I do love the details on it, and the paint if just gorgeous, with a slight metal flake to it.

As for Robot mode, and I both love it, and fear it. Most of Shockwave, to achieve the look, is made of Translucent plastic. Which while nice, from what I'm told can or cannot be very very durable. While most of Shockwave is fine, there is a bit on his left leg on my copy of the toy that is white, and I hope that's not a stress mark. With that excluded, the rest of the toy is almost perfect for the size, great articulation, though I would have liked to have the grey pieces of the arms able to bend forward, adding to the movement capabilities of the arm. The only other thing Shockwave is lacking is a waist swivel, but at this size, and due to the transformation, I can live without it. Backpack also behaves and doesn't break the physique of his chest, which is an added bonus for a pretty much perfect little Shockwave. Worth getting if you can find him. Up next, The Spectrum War arc.

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