Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Green Lantern x Star Trek; Spectrum War: This is going to be interesting

So we come back to DC, find something new from IDW that doesn't involve giant robots or horses, and we get a cross over which I didn't think would happen, and didn't know people wanted. But, here we are. Yes, this is a thing, and its kinda making me want to do similar stories for a few months. First of the month being for a weird crossover. Thoughts?
So there are apparently several different covers for each of the six issues so, have what's probably a variant.

Before we look forward, lets look at what we have now. TO THE PLOT! As a note, I am considering crossovers as non cannon. Makes it a lot easier to understand. So, in this DC universe, Necron, the Black Lantern, has returned and is killing the universe with sheer numbers. In order to try and stop him, Ganthet uses what's known as the Last Light Protocol, sacrificing himself to teleport the living ring bearers and one of each Lantern Ring except for green to another dimension, that dimension being: The IDW Star Trek universe, which is based on the current movies. The protocol also brought forth the surviving lanterns, also known as the lanterns anyone cares about, and Necron. So, it is up to the lanterns, and their followers in the case of ones like Sinestro, along with the crew of the U.S.S Enterprise, to take down Necron. For what it is, yes, the plot works. Cross overs tend to have these kinds of plots, where the plot takes a bit of a back seat to the characters and elements interacting with each other. Case in point. Chekov becomes a Blue Lantern, Uhura becomes a Star Sapphire, Mccoy becomes a Indigo Lanturn (I don't know off the top of my head if that one has a special name), Sulu becomes a White Lantern and they battle against an army of Black Lantern Vulcans from the destroyed planet from the first J.J Abrams movie. Do you care now that this is basically an abridged version of Blackest Night? Didn't think so.

Art wise? Its what I've come to expect from IDW. Not saying that its bad, its an art style I like, not overly detailed, not overly simplistic either. Only real nitpick I have with it is that its the first time in a while that I've seen it focused on humans and human sized aliens, rather then giant robots and horses, as evidence from my reviews. And before you say it, yes, I know Last stand of the Wreckers has a human, "its the first time in a while that I've seen it focused on humans" and LSotW was still focused on the Autobots and Decepticons, making it one up on the bay movies. For the sheer novelty of it, assuming you have some form of knowledge on the Green Lanterns and Star Trek, and if you have a spare 30 minutes to kill, this is actually really good, and one of the reasons I like cross overs where you can tell there is a passion in there. Come Sunday, Onslaught will have his time in the light, and next week: Zootopia.

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