Sunday, 24 July 2016

Toys to Life: DLC given physical form

So... these are a thing... Shall we take a look at them? I should note that all I'm reviewing is what I have. I have one Skylander, being Spyro, but he's in bad condition due to being pre-owned, so to review it would be a bad sample size. Going from oldest to newest:

Disney Infinity, the one that just got canceled. This is number two, after Skylanders, for the one I have the least amount of experience in. Unlike Skylanders, I have played the game, but most of the figures I actually got for my mother, and we've only played together in version 3.0, the only non 3.0 character here, is Elsa. No, this is not a review of the game, that probably won't happen for a while, this post is just dedicated to the toys themselves. As for the toys themselves, they're not bad. Each character is stylized in a way that does make them all look like they belong in the same game, which when you factor in every Disney movie made, is very much an achievement. Do they all look accurate? No, ones like Finn and Rey do suffer in the jump from live action to animated. But in terms of detail, they do look really good. Anakin, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan look like they've jumped right out of The Clone Wars, and even have uniquely molded Light sabers. One of Ahsoka's blades should be smaller then the other, but that's just a nitpick at that point. The only other two that my mother owns is Luke Skywalker, who suffers a bit like Finn and Rey, along with Joy and Anger who again look like they've lept right out of where they're from, Inside Out. I do think the fact that they even have memories molded onto their pedestals is a nice touch. I even just noticed that Anger's mouth is actually hollow, something that would be filled on any other toy, which I do appreciate. I'll save the objects for a full review of the game, but I must say, I think Disney made a bad call with canceling the game and figures. All they'd have to do is remove the NFC chips from the pedestals, and they could keep making the figures, people would still keep buying them.

Up next: Lego Dimensions, the most expensive one of these three. In AUD, $170 brand new. I was lucky to get the starter pack for $98, and neither of those factor in the sets themselves. As for the sets themselves, as they are LEGO, let's see what we have. Starting with the characters and... these are minifigs of the characters all right. Not all 100% accurate, but accurate enough so you know who you're looking at, same as any other minifig. Each minifig comes with an accessory that is unique to them when applicable, such as Batman having a batterang, or two as I got 5 from the starter pack, Gandalf with his staff, Chell with a little portal gun, the twelfth doctor with a sonic screwdriver. Doctor Venkmen even has a Proton Pack. I can't fault them with attention to detail, which is something that does carry over to the game itself. The minifigs also have unique pedestals, mainly special labels on them and internal data so that the game knows who've you used. The characters also unlock the building instructions for the vehicles most of them come with. Each of them have re writable pedestals as the game encourages you to rebuild the vehicles to what's needed in game. A neat idea, though one issue I have is that the boxes don't come with the instructions to the vehicles, so build them when you can play the game... or do what I did and build them at work using instructions from online. The vehicles themselves a interesting sets, small, simple, yet satisfying. They do look like mini versions of the vehicles, such as Marty Mcfly's hoverboard, the time travel train, Ecto-1 (which convinced me that it is possible to build a car with only two wheels), and others that work well off their characters. Cute, but a big hit to the wallet if you don't time it right.

And now, to the one I have the most in, Amiibos. To say all the ones I have would be a paragraph to themselves so... This has been generated from

Amiibo's themselves are in the middleground in terms of character pulls. Its a bit more diverse then Disney Infinity, as it's pulling characters from other companies and franchises, but not as insane as LEGO Dimensions. However, Amiibo's have an issue unique to them, one that's a benefit, and one of its biggest issues. With all the other Toys to Life games, all the figures are only compatible in that game or game franchise, nothing else. For Amiibos, they work with a lot of different games, a lot of different franchises. I do like this approach more, as the more games come out, the more use they get, but at the same time, we've yet to get a game that really needs them, all of them. The only three games that really need them are Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer, Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival, and a free to play Mini Mario game. The two most recent Mario Parties (including the upcoming 3DS one) also use amiibos for one of their modes. Out of the three, price excluded, amiibos do feel the most like Free to play, paid to win DLC, as the most I've gotten are skins, weapons, material and money, most of which I can get in game anyway. I've never had to get an amiibo to do something in game, the only times I've gone out of my way to get an amiibo is because of the amiibo itself, being a character I've enjoyed or a set I wanted to complete. The reason I have so many? I like the characters, but as a result, they spend a lot of time collecting dust. The figures themselves are nice, and like with Disney Infinity, do capture the essence of the characters. Only difference is that the only styles it has are those of the sets. The Smash Brothers Line for example is designed to look like the game models, same as the Super Mario Line is based off the Mario games artwork, the Splatoon amiibos coming from splatoon, Yoshi's Woolly World being knitted from wool, ect. With 4 exceptions, one bigger then the others in a literal way, all of them do still feel like they belong together, none of the lines stand out badly. None of mine have come out with major defects either, the worst I've had, was a sloppy paint job on Link's Master Sword, the plastic is good, though I am very careful with the sword wielders, they are nice figures, I just want them to do something.

For now, I bid you all adew, for I have nothing more to talk about for these, none of them have major functions, other then the LEGO Dimensions actually being made out of LEGO. I will see you all for Dawn of Justice and... what's that? Oh yeah, that Sonic thing happened, didn't it... I need to make some calls...

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